Timeline for the popular dances of the Victorian Era

Timeline for the popular dances of the Victorian Era.Vintage Victorian Viennese waltz

Do you love the romance of dance? The Victorian Era was the pinnacle of partner dance. Casting off the confines of the previous era, Victorians were embracing dancing with each other.

The Victorian period represents the reign of Queen Victoria in England from 1837-1901.  This was a pivotal period in history. From the first World’s Fair to the Industrial Revolution, the world was a rapidly changing place.

Ballroom dance reached its peak during the Victorian period. The most popular Victorian dances were the Galop, the Polka, and the Viennese Waltz, with the Tango making an appearance at the end of the era. Let’s look at what it took for these dances to climax in the ballroom together.2016-10-09-00-02-04

Leading up to the Victorian era:
1690 the German Landler- danced in heavy shoes, and had animated hopping, spins and speed. This was the predecessor to the Waltz.
1720 when Hobnailed shoes were shed, The Landler is more danceable because of better shoes that were less slick.
1786 The waltz spread when performed in a play was in the opera Una Cosa Rara by Soler, despite verbose opposition to the close embrace.

Dances begun in the Regency Era:

1820- galopade, is a lively country dance from Hungry, introduced to Parisian society by the Duchesse de Berry who is responsible for it becoming popular in Vienna, Berlin and London. It remained popular for 20 years.
1830-the Viennese Waltz was composed by Austrians Lanner and Strauss.
The slow and sedate moves of the waltz gained an alternative with wild and frenetic whirling couples careening around the dance floor at almost dangerous speeds. Viennese waltz became a popular stand-in for the waltz, especially among young dancers who Victorian Ballroom Dancerswanted to show off their athletic skills. Check out the Queen’s Waltz.
1830-The Polka began in the countryside of Bohemia

1837-1901 Victorian Era:

1840 the polka emerged as a serious rival to the waltz, and remained popular through the 1890’s
1849the Portland-fancy a mix of polka and the Galop took the American east coast by storm.
1850’s, the ballroom had reached its zenith- the crystal palace is created.  1850s choreography of The Tango, “a South American dance,” by M. Markowski of Paris, as described in 1856 by Charles Durang of Philadelphia.
1856.  the tango was noted as a fashionable ballroom dance in an American publication, and there is a
1870 -The Boston A more sedate form of the fast Viennese Waltz, danced at a leisurely 90 beats per minute, evolved in America.
1870-Tango is influenced by the Cuban Habanera beat.

What a fun time to experience the creativity of dance.

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