Frontier Girls Host Dancing Princesses

Frontier Girls Host Dancing PrincessesDancing Princesses with Frontier Girls

Have you dreamed of being a princess? I have, and so have the girls in the Colorado Springs Frontier Girls troop. Their troop leader, Katie invited my Historically Accurate Cartoon Princesses to come down and teach them all to dance!

I have had a great time writing books for the Frontier Girls that revolve around the weddings of many beloved cartoon princesses. These books are full of traditions, recipes, crafts, and of course dances that directly correlate with both cartoon and Disney princesses. The Frontier girls work to earn badges by learning the secrets entombed within these books, and by engaging in fun activities like learning historically accurate princess dances.

For this adventure, we packed up princess Merida, princess Aurora, Maid Marion, and Robin Hood. We were greeted by many lovely little princes and princesses upon arrival. After hugs were given and pictures with everyone were taken we took to teaching the princesses a little about stage sword fighting. We worked up quite an appetite! Luckily the Frontier Girl troop put together a luncheon based on the recipes from my books. It was a delight to dine on their delicacies.historically accurate princess dances

Once finished with lunch, we went to the gym to learn to dance. We began with the Turkish Brawl from the Hunchback of Notre Dame and followed with Robin Hood’s dance, Toss the Duchess. For princess Aurora, we paired the dancers up and taught them the English country dance Greensleeves. We would never leave out Princess Merida, so we finished up our lesson with the traditional Celtic dance Strip the Willow.

After the beautiful princesses danced their feet off, we said adieu and made our way home in our chariot. It was a delightful day for everyone. The princesses and I look forward to doing this again soon.

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