Valentines Dance Bash at the Denver Turnverein

Valentines Dance Bash at the Denver TurnvereinRed Ballroom and Latin dance feet

Romance and dance go hand in hand for Valentine’s day. Because of this, The Denver Turnverein held their Valentines Dance Bash on Saturday, February 11.  To kick the evening off, they hired Holly Collins from Adventures in Dance to come out and teach a romantic rumba lesson.

Dancers dressed in red gathered on the dance floor at 7pm to learn about the rumba. Holly told them the origins of the name of the Rumba. Rumba means to party, and that is exactly what the crowd did; partied the night Denver Turnverine dance Chandleraway. The guests learned a fun combination of American Rumba steps. Between patterns holly peppered them with the history of the Rumba.

By the end of the lesson all the gentlemen and ladies had been introduced to one another from switching partners throughout it. Dancers were ready to hit the floorboards and get the party going. Appetizers were brought out and the bar was in full swing as dancers waltzed, tangoed, and cha-cha’d the night away.

Adventures in Dance is proud to have the privilege of helping this event be a success with fun and informational dance lessons.

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