9 Cat wedding tips

Wedding kittens look9 Cat wedding tips

Don’t you love kittens and weddings? I do. I rescued two kittens from the Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue recently, and they decided to get married. So, I got out my needle and thread and darned up kitten wedding garments. Then I looked up cat wedding tips from my interview with Cherokee Ranch and Castle. Here is a list of cat wedding tips that I gave my kittens.

9 Cat wedding tips (good with any pets):

  1. Cat wedding rings
    Have your favorite cat designed into a never-ending ring of love on your finger.
  2. Catnip Bouquet
    Include catnip in your Bouquet. It is considered the herb of love in the marriage.
    Wedding bride kitten mystery
  3. Cat Shoes
    Don White Satin cat faced slippers. Or add a cat face to your wedding shoes!
  4. Cat place card holders
    Use cute cat figurines as place card holders. Or get creative and use Tuxedo cats or bride cat cutouts and figurines as place card holders.
  5. Cat Centerpieces
    As table centerpieces place a picture of each of your Cats. Have fun with custom frames!
  6. Cats Can Dance, so can you!
    Learn to move as graceful as a cat! Take wedding dance lessons.
  7. Cat Dance Songs:
    Pick a great cat song for your first dance! Pick a song like “Memory” from Cats, “Everybody Wants to be a Cat”, or “What’s Up Pussycat”
  8. Cat Cake
    Buy cat wedding cake toppers. Post pictures of your favorite cat in front of your cake.Wedding groom kitten Sherlock
  9. Cat “thank you” cards
    Use pictures of your cats, like mine above on “thank you” cards.


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