Alan Fijalkowski and Jenn Lyng Graduating from Adventures in Dance this Winter!

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Real wedding couples Graduating this Winter.

Couple: Alan Fijalkowski and Jenn Lyng
From: Littleton
Wedding Date: March 10th, 2017
Reception location: Meadows at Marshdale
Wedding Colors: Blue/green and Peacock
Song: “Nuvole Bianche” Played by a live Pianist
Dance: Foxtrot in Box rhythm

Thank you all for being a blessing in our lives! These two wonderful people have been in love for a very long time and were so excited to be married. They had so much fun dancing that they kept coming back to add more and more to their routine. We loved dancing with this lovely couple, they were always happy and great learners. We were so happy to see a video of their first dance. As the beautiful bride and her gallant groom stepped on the floor, a hush fell over the crowd. The onlookers watched the couple in awe and erupted in cheered as they glided across the floor. The room erupted in cheers when the newlyweds finished with a kiss. Congratulations to the happy couple. May they dance with happy feet now and forever.

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