Super Spring Ballroom and Latin Showcase

Super Spring Ballroom and Latin ShowcaseDancers Gray and Fairy

Sunday April 2 was the perfect day for dancing. The spring weather was stunning for the spring ballroom and Latin showcase at Adventures in Dance. Happy dancers gathered to have a great time sharing all their hot dance moves.
Dancers and fairy Bill and Juli

Mock competition rounds were first. Dance couples Larry & Sheryl Gray, and William & Julianna took to the floor to demonstrate their smooth competition dances. They danced a Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, and Viennese waltz. Everyone enjoyed watching how completion dancing worked.
Dancer Rudy

After more social dance, the floor was cleared for the showcase dance. The first number was a Paso Doble, Samba, Jive number by Rodolfo Trigueros with Holly Collins. This new dancer did a great job.

Dancer Rachael
Next was a newcomer Quickstep. Rachael Williams with Craig Tomazin danced an uplifting quickstep to the contemporary song “Rock it to me.”

Dancers dave and Bridget

A Foxtrot Swing segue was next. David La Count and Bridget McGarrity did an awesome job dancing to “Enter Sandman.”
Firefly fairys Sabrina and Holly
Last of all was a night club two step to “Fireflies.” Junior competitor Sabrina McFarland dancing with Holly Collins had fun dressing up as fairy fireflies to dance this lighthearted routine.

Before dinner and after more social dance, the staff from Adventures in Dance strutted their stuff. Robyn Collins and William Hooker presented their fun routine to “Uptown Funk.”

Then owners Holly Collins and Craig Tomazin took the floor. Dressed as Beauty and the Beast they danced a Minuet-Viennese waltz to the song “Beauty and the Beast.”

Dinner was simply delicious. Catered by Tony’s Meats, we had Sausage and peppers, meatballs, marinara, pasta, Cesar salad, garlic knots, and chocolate tartlets. We ate until out sides burst. It was a great night and everyone had a great time.

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