Beauty and the Beast Daddy-Daughter dance

Beauty and the Beast Daddy-Daughter dance at Praedra Country Club


There is nothing more heartwarming than father-daughter dances. Daddy’s little princess all dressed up to go out with the most important man in her life, her father. Together the fathers and daughters spend an enchanted evening dining, dancing, and making unforgettable memories.

Beauty and Beast menuBeauty, Beast, and horse Phillipe

Beauty and the Beast Dance

Beauty and the Beast Dance

The Club at Pradera really knows how to throw a memorable father-daughter dance. This year the theme was Beauty and the Beast. Guests were greeted outside the door by a horse and carriage. The horse’s name was Blake, but he was a look alike for Beauty’s horse Phillipe. Father’s and daughters were treated to a carriage ride around the parking lot.

Beast Rose under glassGaston's tavern treatsrose apple tart








Once inside they were dazzled by the decorations. Mel decorated with roses under glass, mirrors, and balloons to create an enchanted castle setting. She picked the perfect menu with Gaston’s Tavern buffet table, Be our guest dinner buffet, and Belle’s dessert table. Guests were invited to take photos with Kaleigh Gibb with Wonderstruck photography throughout dinner.

Mel greets guests

dancing with Kaliegh wonderstruck

dancing with Kaliegh wonderstruck

Strolling among the guests were Beauty and the Beast. Beauty was warmly greeted and given hugs. Beast was a little daunting, but many a brave daughter took her picture with beast. During dinner Beauty told the girls a story, then sang a song with them.

After desert, Fathers and daughters were ready to burn the floor. Holly Collins from Adventures in dance was their dancing mistress. She taught them the Hokey pokey, a Pradera princess favorite. Then they danced the Turkish Brawl. Using pieces from the Brawl, they danced the electric slide. After some social dance, they learned the Minuet, the historically accurate dance for Beauty and the Beast. Daughters squealed with delight as they were lifted by their daddy’s into the air. Even a grandfather was inspired to cut a rug with a swing later in the evening. This was a night to remember.

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