Dancing Faeries at the 2017 Festival of Faerie, Lafayette, Colorado

Dancing Faeries at the 2017 Festival of Faerie, Lafayette, Colorado

After a long day of dancing, there’s no better way to wind down than to enter the magical world of the faeries. On Saturday, May 20, 2017, after a day spent at the USA Dance Competition, four of Holly Collins’ most trusted faeries made their way to Lafayette, Colorado, for the annual Festival of Faerie.

The dancers quickly befriended the other vendors with their lively performance, and quirky characters. They made friends of all shapes and sizes from a rainbow unicorn, to the smallest of pixies. To whichever quester came their way, they taught a variety of dances from the “Scold a Faerie,” or Washer Woman’s Brawl, to the Brawl de Original.

At the end of the festivities, the Faeries and their friends convened at the pavilion to watch the winners of the Festival of Faerie Costume Contest, and to take part in the closing song and ceremony. At the end of the day, four tired faeries came home for a much-deserved sleep.Robyn Faerie Dances IMG_20170520_160537 IMG_20170520_160630 IMG_20170520_160801 IMG_20170520_160704 IMG_20170520_161242 IMG_20170520_164115 IMG_20170520_170130

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