Dancing for Mother’s Day at the Wild Asparagus Ball

Dancing for Mother’s Day at the Wild Asparagus Ball Robyn waltzes by at the wild ball colorado

Don’t you love dressing up and going out? I do. My family and I have made It our tradition to go out to the wild Asparagus ball the night before Mother’s Day. I love going out with my family and dancing to a live orchestra like the Mostly Strauss Orchestra. We dress up, go out to dinner, then dance the night away.

This is a great event is you want waltzes, polkas, ballroom dances, a live orchestra, and elegantly attired couples. Partners are not required. If you show up early, you can fill your dance card with partners for dances in the first and third sets.  The second set was open to dancing with anyone. Gold ribbons were provided to pin on so other dancers knew you would like to be asked to dance.Julie is the Belle at the wild ball colorado

I have enjoyed going with my family because it is an any age friendly event. Students from high schools and colleges flock in to join in the gaiety. Delicious refreshments are always provided. Beverages include coffee, tea and water. Light snacks, appetizers and desserts are spread amply in a side room. Dancers will not perish from a lack of edible options.

I had a delightful group to accompany me this year. My husband Craig escorted me dressed in a dashing vest and top hat. Miss Juliana joined us in a fetching Belle-inspired gown, and my daughter Robyn donned her black and blue Victorian steampunk dress and top hat. I pulled together a blue and pink Victorian gown. It is the most delightful way to spend Mother’s Day. I look forward to doing it again next year.

Julie at wild asparagus ball Julie wild asparagus ball

Craig Holly Wild Asparagus ball

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