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Don’t you love celebrating weddings? I do, and so does Norie from Weddings and Life celebrations by Norie. I had the opportunity to talk with Norie about her business and what life celebrations are.


Norie has been planning weddings and life celebrations for 20 years. When you hire Norie, you get Norie. step out of what you know and step into what Norie knows and use her experience to make your wedding what you really want it to be. Weddings are just the start of your adventures as a man and wife. Those who achieve their 10 or 20-year anniversary have much to celebrate. That is when it is a good time for a life celebration.

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Life celebrations are special occasions. You can celebrate your lifetime achievements. They can include milestone birthdays, Anniversaries, or late in life marriages.


What makes a wedding or life celebration memorable? Personal relationships, and working with an experience planner can add that personal touch. There’s not just one element to a life celebration or wedding, there’s a whole lot of elements. Your relationship with your planner will help you step out of what you know and step into what they know and use my experience to make your wedding what you really want it to be.


When you get that personal touch, you want to share it with all your family and friends. A great example of this was when Norie planned four weddings for a family’s son, their daughter, their close friend, and second close friend with all the same guests. Everyone recognized each other and had a wonderful time. It was personal.


Norie and I discussed another popular trend, elopements.  Elopements are usually small just the bride or groom or just the party of 10 to 20. These can be hidden in the mountains, at an exotic destination, or an intimate affair at a restaurant.


Norie took over an elopement midway through. The couple thought that they could just go to the mountains and get married. They found out when they got up there they couldn’t. They got there on Sunday and called Norie on Monday. They said, “We’d like to get married next Saturday.”  Norie did a beautiful wedding for them in a little chapel in the mountains. On the fly, Norie contacted a florist who donated a bouquet, boutonniere, and a little centerpiece. She pulled together a photographer and a dinner and the reception in a local restaurant. It was beautiful very personalized. The couple was so excited that it was simple, just the way they wanted it.


If you are looking to plan a life celebration, you can contact Norie Hamilton, professional bridal consultant at Weddings by Norie at 303-452-4802



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(Holly –>) Good Morning Norie. It’s so good to have you here on Holly’s Hot Wedding Tips. So tell me about “Weddings by Norie” and exciting changes coming down the pike for you.
(Norie –>) Weddings by Norie has actually been around for 20 years, I started on this 20 years ago and it was a different industry then. There was no internet, there wasn’t alot of social media, so it’s been a growing process. I’ve had some wonderful brides and some amazing weddings that have really touched my heart in a lot of ways. Because I feel like I make friends with my brides as opposed to just being this person they’ve hired. So it’s been a fun experience, but times change and it’s time for a new challenge for me so there will be a new challenge coming up.
(Holly –>) Good. What are you doing that’s new and challenging?
(Norie –>) Well all these brides that I’ve helped over the years are now getting to 10-15 year anniversaries. Their parents are celebrating special anniversaries, special birthdays. And then there’s an element out there which is people marrying for a second time, maybe a third time, only god knows how things are gonna work out in your life. So we’re going to work with couples like that and first year couples, second marriage couples, elopments.
(Holly –>) Elopments those have been a new thing happening.
(Norie –>) Yes they are and with Colorado being a destination location, people want to come they want to see a beautiful mountain scene or a beautiful city scene that they don’t have in the middle of somewhere else and that way we’ll be able to provide just the little things they’ll need.
(Holly –>) Right those elopements are usually small just the bride or groom or just the party of 10 to 20.
(Norie –>) Exactly. I did one midway through my years they thought they could just go to the mountains and get married. Found out when they got up there they couldn’t. They got there on Sunday they called me on Monday and said, “We’d like to get married next Saturday” and I said how many people. We did a beautiful wedding for them in a little chapel my florist gave me a bouquet, bootenear, a little centerpiece. Photographer came in, had dinner, had the reception in a restaurant. Beautiful very personalized, they were so excited and it was simple. Just what they wanted. So there’s lots of little things you can do for them in all of those areas.
(Holly –>) What is the best thing that you want a bride and groom to know about your business. What should they know that they don’t know?
(Norie –>) Probably that it’s me. They hire me, I don’t have other people. I have assistants because I’m not perfect and I’m not cloned yet but they are hiring me I am going to be the person that works with them 1 on 1. And I think that’s important because today we’re all so busy that we’re missing that element to just sit down and for you to tell me what’s in your heart and what you really want then that’s probably the best description of my business is it’s me Noriee.
(Holly –>) What do a bride and groom not know that they need to know about weddings? What are your best tips?
(Norie –>) Obviously hire a planner but we all say that but it’s just the fact that this is probably going to be a once in a lifetime thing on the whole, and it’s not something you do every day. If you’re an accountant, I don’t know accounting, I can’t come in and say, “Ok this is the way you need to do your books”. So I would appreciate you understanding my experience that I know how to plan weddings and there’s not just one element to a wedding there’s a whole lot of elements and step out of what you know and step into what I know and use my experience to make your wedding what you really want it to be.
(Holly –>) Wow just plan your dream wedding huh? What is the most memorable wedding you have ever planned?
(Norie –>) I planned a wedding for a couple that had been together many years, she was 65 and he was 60 and they finally decided that they should get married. They did it in their home which is up by Boulder overlooking the Boulder Valley. And the two of them were the most delightful couple because they knew what they wanted even though it was later in life they came to the conclusion, “You are the right person for me”. So therefore, we did a beautiful wedding it was over 4th of July weekend 3 days we had a beautiful rehearsal dinner with all of their family. We came back the next day did the wedding they had their reception at a beautiful little restaurant private party restaurant and then the next day we came back and did a fourth of July Celebration. So it was three days of just fun and it was in their own home, everyone was comfortable and it was really heartwarming to see an older couple see that. We sang songs we did everything that day, watched the fireworks all over boulder. It was a fun wedding and I’ve had some other ones I had a family that I did the son, the daughter, and a real close friend and I ended up doing another close friend so within all of this the same guests were there. And they recognized me and I recognized them we had a wonderful time. One of my favorite memories is the grandfather loved cake but he also had ice cream with his cake. And so we were downtown Denver at the (?) ballroom and we sent my assistant to find ice cream because he needed ice cream with his cake because that’s what we were there for.
What a wonderful story thank you so much Norie.