5 budget friendly wedding personalizations

5 budget friendly personalizations for your wedding5 budget friendly wedding personalizations

Don’t you love it when a wedding is not just vanilla, but has personal elements that make it unique. I met with Maggie Glass Director at the Falls Event center, and had the opportunity to ask her what the most unique event she has planned was. Maggie said, “some things that I think really stand out are when you incorporate your family or your culture. That really takes it from being your standard reception dinner dancing to a more unique and personalized” experience. I have been to several weddings and agree with Maggie’s opinion. I have put together the top 3 wedding personalization tips for weddings based on our combined experiences. Here are our tips for budget friendly personalizations for your wedding.

wedding photo album
Tip 1-Wedding photo display
Collect wedding photographs from all your family and friends, from the cheesy 80’s to the historic Grandpa in his uniform right before going away for the military. Then scan them all to make huge slideshow to run all evening.

Wedding cookie bar

Tip 2-Cookie Dessert Buffet
Include a taste of your culture and family traditions by including a cookie buffet. Guests can bring their favorite cookies to be served at a cookie buffet next to your wedding cake. This way you can include all your family favorite cookie recopies at your celebration.

Party at wedding

Party at wedding

Tip 3-Receiving line thank you photo
Have your photographer snap a shot of you with each guest in the receiving line. Then for a personal touch, take those photos and include them in your thank you card to each guest. This is a great way to know who was at your wedding, and to personalize the thank you in a way they will never forget.

streaming wedding videos

Tip 4- Streaming your wedding
Sometimes friends and family cannot make it to your wedding. With all the new technology, you can still include them by streaming your wedding. One of my clients set up a private Facebook group and streamed the wedding to those who could not be there. Then it was available to family and friends to see after the big day. Skype is another option to let a invalid guest be a part of your celebration.

engagement photo on rocks

engagement photo on rocks

Tip 5- Backwards photos
Plan to do all your photos before the ceremony. Gather all your family and wedding party early in the day to take all your formal shots. This way your family is on time and you are free to party at your celebration. No stressing over herding cats to get the photos done on time.

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