Adam Aaron and Nina Kim Graduate with Wedding Dance!

Adam Aaron and Nina Kim Graduate with Wedding Dance!


On the evening of August 26th, a group gathered to watch a beautiful bride and her groom dance for the first time as husband and wife.Aaron Wedding 2 The Lodge at Sunspot, Winterpark was decked out in gorgeous rustic, greenery, and neutral colors as “Like I’m Gonna Lose You”, sung by Jasmine Thompson, began to play. The couple came together and began their Box Foxtrot, wowing their audience.

Nina and Adam came to us back in January. They worked hard to perfect their wedding dance, and it showed. They practiced hard, and had so much fun that they came back for more and more lessons, adding more and more cool things to their routine each time. It was a pleasure working with this lovely couple, may they continue to dance with happy feet now and forever.

This lucky couple will be Honeymooning in Greece and Italy! Safe Travels.



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