Scottish Ceilidh Dance Party

Scottish Ceilidh Dance PartyScottish dancer and girl

Don’t you love a great party? The Scottish do. Caroline Lomme threw a Ceilidh dance party for her daughter before she traveled to Scotland. They gathered all their family and friends to eat, drink, and learn Scottish dance.

Adventures in Dance staff Craig Tomazin and Holly Collins were brought in to teach ceilidh dances. Ceilidh is the Celtic term for a party with music and dancing. Craig & Holly taught three Celtic ceilidh dances.

Strip the Willow Dance:
The first dance they taught was strip the willow, or drops of brandy. This is a lively mixer dance utilizing a nifty jig or triple step. Ladies and gentlemen make two lines facing each other. Next, the top couples swing around each other then make their way down the line swinging around each guest in line. Once they get to the bottom, the next couple starts, and continues to the end of the song.

Scottish Jig Dance:
Second, they taught a Scottish jig. Pairing gentlemen with ladies, they taught then to jig or triple step in a clockwise manner around their partner in a closed dance

Scottish Celtic Dance

Scottish Celtic Dance

hold. There was much merriment and mud as a short rain sprinkled down.

Gay Gordons Dance:
Last, they taught the Gay Gordons. This Lovely partnership dance was done in a large circle. Marching and turning, everyone jigged and giggled. After a rigorous hour of dance, everyone was tuckered out and bid our crew ado.

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Scottish Ceilidh Dancers

Scottish Ceilidh Dancers

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