Beauty and the Beast Dance Wild Goose Ball

Beauty and the Beast Dance Wild Goose BallYouth Squad group Bow

Did you love the live action Beauty and the Beast? The board for Wild balls did. They themed their 2017 Wild Goose Ball dance after Beauty and the Beast.

What is a Wild Ball:Adventures in Dance ball Dancers

Wild Balls are exciting partnership dance extravaganzas. Balls feature live orchestras and outlandish ballroom attire from cocktail wear to period Victorian dress. Hosted by the friends of old time music and dance, wild balls draw young and old into the fun and pageantry of partnership dance.

Adventures in dance youth entertain the Wild Goose ball dancers:

The entertainment for this year’s Wild Goose Ball was provided by the Adventures in Dance Youth Squad. The youth squad dressed as their favorite beauty and the beast characters. Dancers included Kylie Chenault, Jadon Purvis, Abby Purvis, Noah Wells-Alirez, Sabrina McFarland, William Hooker, Robyn Collins, & Holly Collins.Ball Dancers Craig Melissa and Patrick

At the first intermission, the youth squad performed a medley of Beauty and the Beast dances. Opening with a historically accurate Minuet, they curtseyed and bowed their way onstage. A Viennese waltz blended into the end of their minuet. Every couple but one danced off stage as Noah and Sabrina danced an international rumba to the beauty and the beast theme song. As Noah and Sabrina bowed, Robyn and William took the stage to dance their Paso Doble to the song “Belle.” The finale included a bow by each couple, then a bow by the whole group.

Wild Goose Ball Dance:Cinderella, Luna, Beast ball dancers

Adventures in Dance parents and youth cut a rug for the rest of the night. They danced Viennese waltzes, polka’s, rumba’s and swings. As the mostly Strauss orchestra wound down, dancers gathered in three circles to sing their closing round. Then tired feet tapped their way home.

Everyone had the time of their life. The youth squad, parents and guests danced their feet off. Mark your calendar and take a dance adventure out to a wild ball.

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Beast and Beauty wild goose ball

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