Dancing Zombies in Littleton Colorado

Dancing Zombies in Littleton ColoradoZombie dance

Halloween and zombies go hand in hand. The most family friendly zombie crawl in Colorado can be found in Littleton. It all begins at the doorstep to Adventures in Dance.

Dancing Zombies:

Zombies have been gathering at Adventures in Dance since the release of Zombieland in 2009. At high noon, zombies crawled in to learn Halloween line dances. Robyn and Holly Collins from Adventures in dance were decked out as steampunk zombie hunters and taught the living dead moves to die for.

Robyn and Holly taught zombies to do the mash, the monster mash. Then they did the zombie classic, “Thriller”. All the best zombie dance moves are found in in “Thriller”, including the zombie walk and twitch, rigamortus, swim and roar. The Zombie dancerszombies and zombie hunters alike, all had a great time.

Zombie Crawl:

At the end of the line dance lesson, the undead began their crawl. They walked into downtown Littleton. After parading around the block, they ended at Reinke Brothers, Inc.. There they had a pig roast and parking lot party.

This Littleton tradition is not one to miss. Mark your calendar for the first Saturday of October to join the undead for a family friendly Zombie crawl. Dine, dance and get into the spirit of Halloween.

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