Gone with the Wind Victorian Society Dance

Gone with the Wind Victorian Society DanceVictorian dancers

Gone with the Wind is an iconic film. It is set at the end of one era, and the beginning of another. The Victorian Society of Colorado kept this spirit. They hosted a Gone with the Wind Ball. The ball captured the spirit of the Victorian era with waltzes and country dances.

The Gone with the Wind Ball drew dancers both young and old. From the youthful enthusiasm of grade school girls, to the sage experience of longtime Victorian Society members, there was fun for all ages.  The fun included history, a silent auction, photos, staged scenes, dancing, and light refreshments.

At the door, Victorian Society members greeted dancers. Upon entry to the Sons of Italy, there was a photographer available to take portraits of guests in their vintage Victorian attire.  To the left were tables filled for the silent auction. Once seated, the club board was introduced and a live picture was presented.victorian curtain dress

Victorian dance:

With all the formalities taken care of, everyone was ready to dance. The ball kicked off with the grand march. Once dancers completed the final twist and turn, the live band struck up a waltz. Dancers clasped each other in a close embrace and turned around the ballroom.

Miss Sharon Guli then lined dancers up and taught them English country dances and Victorian form dances. Among of the dances she taught, were a French country dance, Spanish Waltz and the Rustic Reel. Dancers both young and old were swept back in time.


Halfway into the night, the band took a break and dancers were encouraged to have a light snack. There were two tables of treats for everyone to dine on.  One was filled with savory bites, like meatballs and vegetables. The other was brimming over with sweets and treats. When the last dancer dined, another staged scene was set. Then a waltz kicked off the final set of the evening.

Taking a trip back in time with the Victorian Society of Colorado was a treat. There were delightful damsels and steampunk youth stepping in time to lively tunes. This was an event I and my family enjoyed immensely.Victorian dance attendies

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