On Stranger Tides Mermaid and Pirate Wedding

On Stranger Tides Mermaid and Pirate WeddingMermaids & pirates LindaMurriPhotography_IMG9398_low

Don’t you love unusual weddings? I do. I work on 300 weddings a year, and love all the creative ideas that wedding couples bring me. Occasionally I like to break the mold. This year I got to work on producing a mermaid and pirate inspired wedding based on Pirates of the Caribbean. I am thrilled that it was published by Beach Bride here and Borrowed and Blue see here.

Wedding party:

The bride was adorned in a shimmering green and blue swimming mermaid tail, caught up in a sparkly silver net and crowned with a silver charm headband. She carried a sea pearl in one hand, and a seashell bouquet in the other.

The gallant pirate captain was captivating. Donning a burgundy coat, vest of gold and tricorn hat, he carried a saber, hid a flask, and kept his boots pulled up.Treasure chest 2 ps web

Our wedding party was a motley crew. Accompanying the bride were three sea sirens. Their tresses were loosely bound back with a sea star, and mer-gowns were purple and green, accented by a string of pearls.

A scurvy lot accompanied the pirate groom. Barbossa was the best man followed by Mudbeard and his first mate. They sported browns and earthy tones accented with pistols and daggers.

This seafaring crew gathered by the water’s edge at Spruce Mountain Ranch in Larkspur, Colorado. These Pirates of the Rockies were surrounded by sweeping views and beautiful botanicals. The ceremony was set outside in a boathouse by the water’s edge.

Table Setting:

When the “I do” was done it was time to eat, drink, and be merry. The tables were set with nautical blue and accented with silver and gold. Sprinkled among the place settings were seashells and candles. Crowning the table was a centerpiece made of trumpeting seashells and coral.Stranger tides wedding Table (3)

No dining experience is complete without dessert. Buried in a treasure chest were delicious chocolate and vanilla cupcakes topped with buttercream frosting and gold coins spilling temptingly from the chest. Finishing the look was all things pirate with heavy chains, a spyglass, and an antique gold compass. It was the perfect celebration for this land-meets-sea couple and their guests.

To end the celebration, the mermaids and pirates joined in a Jig (see here). They also danced a Caribbean Samba (history) to celebrate the union. When the dancing was done, they set sail into a bright future.

Wedding specialists:Samba Mermaid priate bride ps web

Bride-Hannah Berglund
Groom- William Hooker
Bridesmaids- Juliana Cox, Robyn Collins, Holly Collins,

Pirates- Ken Wybel, Avriel Wybel, Craig Tomazin

Photographer: Linda Murri-photography, invitations
Event Coordinator:  LuRen events: centerpiece, bouquet, seashell, pearls, gold coins.

Location: Spruce mountain Ranch

Cupcakes: Cakes amore

Dinner Setting: Event rents – Tables, linens, place settings,
Stationary: Hadley Custom Designs Becca Hadleyon stranger tides Mermaid pirate wedding 2 web

Accessories: Reinke Brothers– Brown pirate coat, spat, treasure chest, pirate banners, gun, sword, spyglass, compass,Sirens rock stranger tides web

Adventures in dance, -Ring, 8 models, Costumes, hair, makeup, hairpieces, pearls, skulls, props.

Mermaid line dance for the wedding party. Read More.

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