Wedding Gown & Accessory Trends

Wedding gown & accessory trendsCasa Bianca Entrance Littleton

Fashion is fickle and changes every year. I wanted to know this year’s wedding gown and accessories trends.  I met with Littleton expert Sheri from Casa Bianca Bridal to find out what is hot for this year.

Wedding gown trends change from year to year. Sheri had great insights on what is popular for wedding gowns this year. Here are the Top Three biggest wedding dress trends.

Top 3 Wedding Gown Trends:

  1. Lace gowns and lace trim.  Lace is the fabric of choice for wedding gowns this year
  2. Strapless is out. No one wants to worry about tugging on their dress all night. Brides are wanting a little more coverage, so they are opting for straps and straight wedding gown lace IMG_0066 (2)sleeves on their gowns. This creates a variety of options.
  3. Sheath gowns are in. Ballgowns are beautiful, and mermaid cuts fading. Brides are opting to show off their figure more. They are choosing a figure flattering sheath style gown.

Mother of the Bride

Don’t forget the mother of the bride. It is important for her to look and feel her best beside her daughter. Colorado is a casual state, and Colorado mothers are looking for shorter more casual dresses for the wedding.

So now you have your dress. It is time to pick the perfect accessories to finish your ensemble. Sheri had 3 hot tips to finish your look.

Top 3 Jewelry Trends:

  1. Wedding ring trends. Rose Gold. Rose Gold is turning up in all the latest wedding and engagement ring designs.
  2. Think big. Big Chunky earrings framing the brides face are the trend this year.
  3. Necklaces. Brides want to show off their beautiful necklines. The necklaces of choice this year are chokers or nothing.

Let’s not neglect the top. Topping off your gown with a veil or hairpiece is the final finishing touch. Sheri had great tip to top off your look. Here are her top 3 Flowers and birdcages

Top 3 Veil Trends:

  1. Traditional. Cathedral length veil with lifetable blusher. This traditional look is lovely for the ceremony allowing the father of the bride to still lift the veil.
  2. Flower or a comb. A simple flower or comb adorning your hair can provide a simple finish to your look
  3. Fashionable. The birdcage. This chic look originated in the 1940’s and is seeing a comeback today. It is a great way to have the look of a veil without the hassle. Birdcage veils can be easily customized to match the ensemble.

Special Thanks

Thank you again Sheri Kaiser for sharing this year’s tips. You can find Sheri at Casa Bianca Bridal, Historic Downtown Littleton, 5654 South Prince Street, Unit C, Littleton, Colorado 80120. Call Sheri at 720 484 5153 email  or find her on the world wide web at

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Transcript:Drop waist lace wedding gownIMG_0164 (2)

(Holly) What are the latest trends in wedding gowns that you’re seeing this year?
(Sheri) When you pick from the dresses you kind of see it because of what you have to pick from as a new shop. What I’ve seen a ton of is lace, everyone kind of knows that lace is back in again. Back in the 90’s it was satin and now it’s lace, it’s also not sleeveless. It used to be everyone wanted strapless and now that’s changing, so what I’m seeing is brides want a little more coverage and not feeling like they’re going to be tugging on their dress all night long. They want a little strap, a little sleeve, a little something. Lots of variety and that’s important to have for the brides because if you don’t it makes it a little harder for them. So I would say that those are probably the two biggest trends right now.

Mother of the bride

(Holly) What about Mother of the Brides dresses? What are the trends for those? (Sheri)For mother of the bride it’s kind of interesting because what I’m seeing so far in my store is that the mom’s are not focused on themselves at all because they’re coming in focused on their daughter. So I’m anxious to see how that develops because I think once the brides come in for their alterations then moms are going to start thinking about themselves. I think they want more casual I don’t think they’re looking for elegant evening wear. I think they, especially in Colorado because it’s so beautiful here, they like to wear shorter dresses and not have this cumbersome long dress. So not to say that long dresses is all I carry, they’re still important, but it seems like the moms want to be a little bit more casual than it used to be.

Jewelry Fashionswedding jewelry

(Holly) What are the latest fashions in jewelry right now? What do you see going with gowns?
(Sheri) What I’m seeing more of is big chunky earrings and less necklaces. Less putting things on the neck, leaving that open and having something really pretty on the ear, and then doing bracelets. The other thing is rose gold is really popular right now especially in women’s engagement rings. I’m seeing a lot more girls coming in with rose gold rings, so I have to make sure that I have headpieces and jewelry that have rose gold in them.
(Holly) What a beautiful idea complimenting the headpieces with the wedding band.
(Sheri) So that seems the be the biggest thing. Also, the thing that’s kind of comeback are choker necklaces. So, if you are going to wear a necklace people are tending to wear something a little more to their neck and then I have a couple that are bobbles down the back so if it’s an open back dress then it’s a choker in the front and a drip down the back, which is really pretty too.


(Holly) What about veils or headpieces? (Sheri) Heads it’s kind of interesting. You either have brides that want a super traditional ceremony with the veil, the cathedral length veil nice and long, and still do the blushers that dad can lift over their face. And then there’s people that don’t like veils at all, they just want a flower in their hair or a little comb in their hair. I’m a big fan of birdcages so I try to get as many brides to put on a birdcage as possible because I think it’s a sexy way to have a veil without having a veil. So it just covers a little bit of their face and then you can take it off after the ceremony. So it’s a way to have a veil without being so traditional.

Traditional gowns

(Holly) So gowns are staying very traditional? Or you’re seeing more not traditional? What’s the most unique gowns you’ve seen? (Sheri) I think you still have girls that want to ballgown, the old school ballgown. I think brides want to show off their figure which is lovely, and I think they should. So, I’m seeing a lot more sheath gowns which is a nice balance because mermaid gowns were a big heyday for a while but are so fitted sometimes that it’s uncomfortable for the bride to dance or to sit. So a sheath gown is a nice option because show’s your figure but it’s kinda loose through your whole figure and gives you enough room to dance and to sit and eat it (Holly) Thank you so much Sheri it was wonderful.