Tyler Solomon & Lauren Eisenbach Glide through Dream Dance

Tyler Solomon & Lauren Eisenbach Glide through Dream Dance

Tyler Solomon and Lauren Wedding

When envisioning a wedding dance we often think of the cliche bride and groom swirling around effortlessly on the floor. In reality it’s harder than it looks, which is why its all the more amazing how well Tyler and Lauren did on their first dance. The first step in making your dream dance is picking the right song, once that was done they consulted with dance experts to help them pick the right dance. In the end they chose a Foxtrot to their song “Amazed” by Lonestar. Our dance experts Craig and Holly helped create the perfect dream dance for them from there, adding a spin here and a twirl there. At last the dance was complete from walking on to dipping and kissing, and they glided on the floor at the Hudson Garden Inn. We can’t wait to see where this couple goes next and look forward to seeing them dance through life together.

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