Wedding Dances at the Rocky Mountain Bridal Show (RMBS)

Wedding Dances at the Rocky Mountain Bridal Show (RMBS)

RMBS Wedding runway Dance

RMBS Wedding runway Dance

Don’t you love runway shows? Every year the Rocky Mountain Bridal Show (RMBS) hosts a wedding runway show. To kick off the show Adventures in dance performs wedding dances on the runway at the RMBS.

Wedding dances RMBS

Brides gathered to cheer on wedding dancers at the RMBS as they demonstrated first dance options. The team from Adventures in Dance was ready to give the brides a show. Robyn & William alternated routines with Craig & Holly to cover popular wedding dances and songs.

Dance styles

The wedding dance show was kicked off with the Dirty Dancing Mambo routine. A romantic Night Club Two Step danced down the stage next. With a Spanish flair the Paso Doble marched across the runway. Traditional Landler and Waltz pieces tied the past to the present for a graceful dance. Rumba with a south of the border twist wiggled on the runway.

Dance songs

“It Had to Be You” is a great Foxtrot for wedding dance to grace the stage. Bringing a Brazilian twist to the runway was the song “Say Hey” with a scintillating Samba. Viennese waltz is a timeworn tradition for weddings, and was coupled with the song “Breakaway.” Jive swing is so upbeat that is was paired perfectly to the song “Happy.” Channeling a little Tango from Argentina to the song “Shall we dance” dancers snapped down the runway. Closing the show was a contemporary rendition of cha-cha to “Uptown Funk.”

Runway show



Following the dancers was the wedding attire runway show. It is great to see colors making their way into wedding gowns. Peach, pink, blue and blush filled the runway. What a delightful mix of wedding dance and fashion at the Rocky Mountain Bridal Show RMBS.


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RMBS Wedding blush bride

RMBS Wedding runway bride and groom

Dance Craig RMBSDance Robyn RMBS

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