History of Viennese Waltz Short Timeline

Short Timeline for the History of Viennese Waltzvolta ready to dance (2)

Working on the Historically accurate cartoon princess dances has taken me on an adventure back in time through the history of dance. The oldest of the ballroom dances is the Viennese Waltz. For a recent competition we put together a performance on the history of Viennese waltz. In addition to the video of this performance I have put together a short timeline for the development of the Viennese Waltz based on this performance.

Disney princesses dance Viennese Waltz History.

We chose to use the historically accurate dances for Disney princesses to demonstrate the history of Viennese Waltz. Princess Pocahontas begins our journey with the first version of the Viennese Waltz, La Volta. Next princess Rapunzel dances the Landler, an Austrian favorite and the pre-cursor to the Victorian Viennese waltz craze. Cinderella demonstrates the Varsovienne popular In France at the height of the Victorian era. Last princess Anastasia demonstrates the 20’th century American Viennese waltz as we know it today.

Short timeline of the history of Viennese Waltz

1500’s-1750 – La Volta.

La Volta means to turn and was a scandalous variation on a Galliard brought to Europe by Catherine De Medici, made popular by Queen Elizabeth I, and danced in French &German courts until 1750.  Pocahantas would have danced La Volta when she visited King James Court to plead the case for her people.

1690-1787- Landler

This German country dance swept through the regency era to dominate the Victorian era. 1787 the Landler was featured on the opera stage cementing its popularity. The Landler today lives on in the film “the sound of music.” This is what Rapunzel would have danced at the lights celebration.

1650 Varsovienne

In the height of the Victorian Era, the lovely Varsovienne Waltz made it’s was through French and European ballrooms. Cinderella would have danced this waltz with Prince Charming at the royal ball.

1914 the American Viennese Waltz.

For the 20th century we featured princess Anastasia. The American style Viennese waltz is a cumulation of all the previous Viennese Waltzes. You can see the kicks from the Volta, the crossing steps of the Landler, the hesitations of the Varsovienne and much more in this modern version of the Viennese Waltz.



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