The King is Dead Dinner Dance

The King is Dead Dinner DanceNick as Mr big king is dead dance

Murder mystery games are tons of fun. Every February Adventures In Dance hosts a dinner dance and death. This year’s murder mystery was the King is Dead, A Night in Sin City.

The “King” Elvis Line dance

Students eagerly gathered Sunday afternoon to dance and find out who killed Elvis. A fun selection of Elvis songs for ballroom and Latin dance drew guests onto the floor. Just for fun Holly taught a new Elvis line dance to “All Shook Up.”

The King is dead mystery

Dancers from Adventures in Dance signed up to read parts in our mystery. It was set as appreciaton night for high rollers at the Grand Cinema Hotel and Casino. Craig likes to be the dead guy but gave the part to William when he found out the deceased had lines. So, we changed to kill Bill, and he took the part of Stevie Marino aka Elvis impersonator.

The King suspects

Suspects included Nick Capron as Anthony Capezio, aka The Boss at The Grand Cinema Hotel and Casino. Charlie Marr, read by Jim Dunbar, is the depressed show director at the Grand Cinema. Dave La Count read Bud Waters, a bouncer for the Cinema Magic.

The ladies had parts as well. Sherly Gray read the part of Sue Capezio. Th super sweet and energetic daughter of Anthony. Luna Chenault read Teddi Baxter the Marilyn Monroe impersonator. Sabrina Mc Farland read Swoozie Waters, sister to Bud and the hotel escort. Last of all Bridget Mc Garrity read Fanny May the showgirl.

Everyone had a motive to kill Bill. By the end of the night there was a double homicide, and anyone could have done it. The intrigue was so thick you could cut it with a knife. It was very lighthearted and enjoyable.

The King is dead menu

Ken Wyble catered our dinner. He carefully selected a menu to fit Elvis in sin city. Ken served chicken and pork belly skewers with a tahini and grape jelly BBQ sauce, to “die for” crab bisque with ‘King’ crab, melon salad. For dessert he brought banana and coconut cream pies. The food was wonderful.

The end of a night in sin city

After dinner the murderer confessed. Then everyone got up for more dancing. After a full night of dinner and dancing everyone pulled on their coats and went home tired and happy. Be sure to join us next year!

dinner at the king is dead dance Ken cooks for the King is dead

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