Landler Allemande Dance How to for Rapunzel

Landler Allemande Dance How to for Rapunzel
A Historically Accurate Princess Dance Landler
Mother Gothel, King Frederic, Flynn Ryder, Rapunzel

The Kingdom dance in “Tangled” made me want to get up and dance. In the Disney film “Tangled” the Kingdom dance began in ¾ time waltz rhythm, then changed to 2/4 polka rhythm. Rapunzel danced a form of polka in the street. However, the Austrian Landler would have been a more accurate dance for princess Rapunzel.

Landler Austrian Folk Dance:

The Landler started off as an Austrian folk dance around 1690. Some rumors are that the Landler was invented by an Austrian shepherdess. It gained popularity with the masses making its way to Vienna. Composers like Mozart wrote Landlers for laborers instead of minuets for lords. With the French revolution minuets fell out of popularity and the Landler replaced it as the people’s dance.

In 1776 Vincente Martin’s Opera “Una Cosa Rara” featured a Landler waltz. This accelerated the popularity of the Landler Waltz. As the dance floors became smoother and hob nailed shoes were cast off in favor of softer shoes, dancers could spin around the floor with ease.

Regency Landler Allemande

German Waltz as described by Thomas Wilson 1816- Wilson notes that the German waltz is danced with flat feet while the French waltz is danced on releve on the toes. This waltz basic is danced counter clockwise while turning around the ballroom.
“German waltzing has but one class of movements in its composition; …
The (man’s) left foot is passed into second position on the flat foot; … bringing the right foot behind the left, raising the left foot a little; … placing the left foot… in a close position and turning the body.”

(Begins on the right foot, this description picks up with the second beat)“The lady,…left foot…in front, and her right foot is immediately afterwards brought into the fourth position in front again…”

The hold by Wilson, not to different from today!
“The Gentleman’s right arm placed o the back part of the shoulder of the Lady, whose left arm is placed on the back part of the shoulder of the Gentleman; the other arm of each being joined in front forming an easy curve.”



Basic movement Description

Gentlemen: Rotating to the right 180 every 3 steps.
1-Left foot side (inviting the lady to step forward between feet)
2 – right foot 5th position behind left foot (Lady forward left foot toe turned in) twist to right ending on left foot with right foot behind (Lady forward toe turned out)
3- Left foot side in a 4th position.

Ladies (based on the man’s part)
1- Right foot forward between gentleman’s feet,
2- Left Foot forward outside man’s feet,
3- Right Foot forward.

Second half
4- Right foot forward,
5- Left Foot forward,
6- Right Foot forward.

Ladies: Rotating to the right 180 every 3 steps.
1-Left foot side
2 – Right foot 5th position behind left foot
3- Left foot side in a 4th position.

Locking step for all the other turns (like a progressive 5th position break)- you may also dance three small runs

Mother Gothel and Rapunzel

Landler Allemande Waltz Sequence:

Choreography based loosely choreography by I. Günther (Berlin) nach Guillaume (Paris, 1768)

  • Give reverence
    6 counts curtsey and bow baroque style with a plie of the knees.
  • Face to Face:
    Gentleman offers his right hand, lead Face to face (swinging the arms), commenced with man’s left foot 6 measures, end with outside Under Arm Turn with the man’s right hand 7,8 end close position
  • Landler waltz basic (Schlusswalzer)
    Danced in closed position 4 measures Waltz (8 measures/bars) The dancer he also lowers the right hands, transferring the girl’s right hand into his left and completes ballroom hold.
    ( on a side note, I have also seen this described with a lift that we did not perform)
  • Outside Under arm turn (Clockwise) (Dirndl drahn or Radeln)
    Dance 4 m Twirling the ladies (8 measures/bars) The Gentleman Dances Locking step (like a progressive 5th position break)- or dance three small runs, while twirling his partner clockwise in front of him under his lifted right arm.
    Lady dances sets of three small runs forward half a turn per bar, she is facing her partner every second bar.
  • Landler waltz basic (Schlusswalzer)
    in closed hold 4 measures
  • Spanish arms.
    turn lady in to cuddle with lifted left-hand counter clockwise to man’s right side, stepping on each beat 4 measures.
  • Reverse Spanish arms
    Gentle pull with the man’s right hand to lead the lady under the joined left and right hands to pass behind the man and end slightly behind on his left side 4 measures.
  • Shadow position Dirndl nachführn
    Spin lady to Shadow position at the gentleman’s right side holding right to right and left to tlft hands.
  • Spin to Window (Fensterl)
    (4 measures/bars) The dancer turns his partner twice to the right (cw) and forms the Window. The joined left hands are lowered while the right arms are bent at the elbow, upper arms horizontal and close together and lower arms vertical forming the window. The partners look at each other through that Window. In this position they dance clockwise around their central point
  • Landler waltz basic (Schlusswalzer) with Spanish arms
    hold with hand on waist and left to left held overhead 4 measures (this hold was particularly scandalous due to the fact a couple could converse without a chaperone overhearing them.


Prince Laendler by The Wiggles

Other period Landler’s
Zillertaler Laendler
Six landlers K606 Mozart
(Mozart wrote Landlers instead of Minuets because he felt they were the peoples dance)
Old German Waltz (recommended in 1816 by Thomas Wilson)

Our film Location Westminster Castle:

Westminster castle, big red castle, pillar of fire

We filmed on the lawn of the Westminster Castle in Colorado.  It is a big red castle in Westminster owned by the pillar of fire. It was originally built to be the Westminster university in 1893 designed by Stanford White. This Richardsonian Romanesque style castle is built out of red sandstones mined from Red rocks and Manitou area.

KPOF Radio

The Westminster Caslte operated as a school as a school until 1917. In 1915 the board voted to be a men’s only college. Shortly after war broke out and all the men left for war, leaving the school to close its door in 1917. Three years later the big red castle was purchase by the Pillar of fire church to operate as a school again. With the school came a radio station. KPOF began broadcasting in the big red castle in 1928. They are still broadcasting there today. Thanks to KPOF, we were able to film at the Westminster castle at 3455 W 83rd Ave, Westminster, CO 80031.

Thank you to the Adventures in dance team for making historically accurate princess dances. Each of you have been willing to go out of your way to make magic with history. Without all of you we would not have this wonderful series to share with Frontier girls and Quest Club for Kids. Thank you.

How did you like this dance? Leave a comment below. Dance with happy feet!

tangled Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder

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