Queen Elinor Teaches Medieval Dances at F.R.C.S.

Queen Elinor Teaches Medieval Dances at F.R.C.S.



Home-school kids get to experience learning in a personal way. Wednesday March 14th was no exception. Queen Elinor came to Front Range Christian School (F.R.C.S.) home-school group to teach medieval dances form the series historically accurate princess dances (learn more).

Medieval dress

This homeschool group had been studying the middle ages to Renaissance period in preparation for Queen Elinor’s arrival. Each child had the opportunity to dress in period clothes. Then they got to practice swordsmanship with foam swords before learning to dance.

Medieval dances

Little lords and ladies started their lesson with giving honors, or how to bow in a medieval manner. Then they got to learn several medieval dances. They started the lesson with learning the Satlarello (learn more). Then they leaned a knight’s dance, the Turkish Branle. From there they got to toss the duchess, or the Branle De Original (learn more). Some even got to scold one another with the Washerwoman’s Branle.

Queen Elinor saved the best for last. Her favorite dance was Strip the Willow (learn more), a Celtic ceilidh dance. Little lords and ladies lined up facing each other then danced down the line shaking hands with their partners and their friends.

Medieval experience

It was a great day for everyone. Each child got to experience history in a unique way. I love sharing history and dance as Queen Elinor and all the characters in my historically accurate princess dances (learn more). I hope to do this again soon.


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