Sock Hop at Ascension Lutheran

Sock Hop at Ascension Lutheran

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Everyone loves a good Sock Hop. Fabulous 50’s music and fun poodle skirts. The Folks at Ascension Lutheran in Littleton love to host fun social outreach events for their members. This year Ascension Lutheran hosted a 50’s Sock Hop with teachers from Adventures in Dance.

50’s Sock Hop Stroll

Adventures in Dance teachers pulled on their poodle skirt an headed down to Ascension Lutheran on Saturday February 24th . They were dressed and ready to teach dances from the fabulous 50’s. The crowd gathered as they put they got ready to teach the first dance

The first dance they taught was the Stroll. They stood everyone in two lines, one side ladies, the other gentlemen. Then the lead couple danced between the lines as everyone else danced the stroll up the line until it was their turn.

Sock Hop Swing

No sock hop is complete without a swing. So, the next dance they learned was a rock and roll swing. They learned their parts separately, the partnered up to swing and sway to 50’s favorites. Everyone was a rocking and a rolling with fun swing moves.

After an intense hour of sock hop dancing everyone was ready for dessert. Guests dined on tasty desserts as they laughed and talked about what a good time they were having. Our staff was thrilled to be a part of another successful event.

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