Star Within Ballroom Dance Showcase

Star Within Ballroom Dance Showcase

Dance showcases are a great opportunity to share what you have leaned. We were invited by Jennifer Corey to join her for the Star Within Ballroom Dance Showcase. She hosted her ballroom and Latin dance showcase at Joyful Ballroom on Saturday March 24th from noon -2pm.

Dancers from local schools gathered together to share their student routines with one another. Adventures In dance was proud to bring three stellar routines from our school. Dancers included Melvin Marcusson, Sabrina Mc Farland, Noah Wells-Allirez, Sara Genderon, Kylie Cheualt, Robyn Collins, Jaydon & Kaylee Purvis.

West Coast Swing Dance Showcase:

Mel and holy WCS dip

Melvin Marcusson was the first to grace the floor. This 90 yr old wonder has been working tirelessly recalling his favorite West Coast Swing moves. Dressed all in black like the blues brothers, Mel and his teacher Holly Collins danced to “Sweet Home Chicago.” Mel did a great job.

American Rumba Dance Showcase:

Noah sabrina rumba

Youth dancers Noah Wells-Alirez and Sabrina McFarland thrilled onlookers with their American rumba. These kids have been dancing for a while, but the partnership is just a few months old. The rocked out to “Believer” Buy Imagine Dragons.

Youth Squad Dance Showcase

Youth Squad ballroom dance

Adventures in Dance has been teaching youth to dance for over a decade. This year brings a fresh batch of talented young dancers. The youth squad danced a set of thee Latin dances changing partners each dance. Noah Wells-Allirez, Sara Gendron, Kylie Chenalt, Robyn Collins, Jaydon & Kayley Purvis did a really great job for their first performance.

I am proud of how well all my dancers performed. You all did your best and had a great time shaking all that you have learned. Dance with happy feet as you take on the next learning challenge.

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