Steampunk Dancing at Whimsy Con

Steampunk Dancing at Whimsy Con

Dressing up can be fun. This year steampunk dancers from Adventures in Dance were invited to dress up and give a presentation at the Whimsy Con. Whimsy con was a convention for steampunk and fantasy costuming and art.  Dancers from adventures in Dance were invited by the Denver Victorian & Steampunk Society to participate in the airship opal lounge at the Hyatt Regency Denver Tech Center.

Steampunk Captain’s Tea

At 2pm on Saturday March 3rd, Victorian (link) steampunk (link) dances were presented for the Captain’s tea at the top of the Hyatt DTC. Members from the DVSS served hot tea and light bites to guests who had made reservations for the tea. Then Adventures in Dance presented steampunk tea Dances (link).

Steampunk Dancing

Robyn and William dressed as a steampunk Ariel and Steampunk captain for their show. They began their show with a special polka. The bohemian polka (link) they presented was historically accurate choreography of several popular Victorian polka’s (link).

Next, they danced their Viennese Waltz (link). Robyn and William love the Viennese Waltz.  The Viennese waltz was the most popular dance of the Victorian Era, and a personal favorite of Queen Victoria.

Last, the performed a Tango (link). The Tango rose in popularity at the end of the Victorian era. The opera “Carmen” in 1875 launched the tango into parlor dances around Europe. The tango represented a rebellion to the confines of Victorian etiquette (link). It became so popular that hotels began to offer afternoon tango tea’s.

Steampunk Dance Lesson

After the beard contest steampunk dance lessons were offered. Holly and Craig dressed as steampunk Ursula and Captain Hook taught guests some fun moves. They taught basic moves to the Viennese waltz, and the Tango. Then for fun they did a little Gallop, the predecessor to the polka.

Steampunk Ballroom Dance

At 9 pm the main hall opened for ballroom dancing. A DJ played waltzes and took song requests. Guests got up and cut a rug on the hotel carpet. Even Luna as Mary Poppins and Kylie as a fairy had a fun spin across the floor.

Everyone had fun sharing steampunk and Victorian dances at Whimsy Con. They had a great variety of speakers on various topics. The airship lounge was a lovely stop for a busy afternoon. I look forward to future events.

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