Titanic themed party for AAI

Titanic themed party for AAITitanic photo

For the past 4 years Craig and I have had the honor of DJing for Affordable American Insurance. This year they had their Titanic themed anniversary party. It was their largest party to date.

Titanic decorations

Titanic decorations were distributed about the dining area. During cocktail hour we played Titanic themed music. Guests were entertained with a Titanic themed photo booth with all the fun props to make the picture pop.


They dined on delicacies at the Table Mountain inn in Golden Colorado. Then they gave amazing awards to all their associates. Awards included 10-year anniversary, biggest joker, and beat dressed.

Titanic stairway with holly

Titanic stairway with holly


After dessert Titanic guests got up to shake a leg. They danced foxtrots, waltzes, and line dances. They danced the cha-cha slide, the cupid shuffle, electric slide, and the YMCA. A great time was had by everyone.

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