Beauty & the Beast Birthday

Beauty & the Beast Birthday

Lakewood mansion

Themed birthday parties are not a new idea. But the Littleton Colorado Parisi family went over the top for their daughter’s 16th birthday. They hired dancers to teach the Beauty and the Beast Waltz and the historically accurate minuet.

Beauty & the Beast birthday costume

The Parisi’s held their daughter’s party in a gated community mansion in Lakewood. Family members dressed as characters from the movie. The dad was Lumiere, mom dressed as the enchantress, and grandma was Mrs. Pots.  Belle was the guest of honor celebrating her sweet 16th birthday.

Living room

Beauty & the Beast Birthday Minuet

Guests gathered in the living room to learn how to dance. Gentlemen lined up on one side, and lovely ladies opposite them. Demonstrating with her husband Craig, Holly Tomazin taught a simplified minuet (link). The minuet was the crown of the baroque era, and the historically accurate dance for Beauty and the Beast.

Gentlemen and ladies learned how to give honors to one another before beginning the dance. Then couples danced the minuet in a dance mixer format. They would gather up a new partner at the top of the line, then at the end of the floor, get back in line and get someone new.

Beauty & the Beast birthday Waltz

Next, they learned about the Viennese waltz (link) Beauty and the beast danced in the movie. The Viennese waltz (link) was not a historically accurate dance, but still lots of fun. They leaned hesitation steps, underarm turns, and promenade steps. At the end of the hour they were worn out and ready for their fabulous feast served to them by their columbine high school teachers.

This was truly an enchanting experience. The parents loved watching the young people learn to dance. The dance lesson gave the young people a positive way to touch and interact. Everyone had a delightful time. Dance lessons can spice up any event.

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