Steam Fling Tea Dance & Duel

Steam Fling Tea Dance & Duel

Victorian Dance Mixer

Sunday’s steam fling tea dance and duel was a success. Adventures in dance had the privilege of joining with the Denver Victorian and Steampunk society for tea and dancing. The steampunk society provided the cookies and tea. Adventures in dance provided the location and dance lessons.

Steam Fling Tea Dance

Party goers came adorned in various Victorian costumes ready to dance. The dances for the afternoon was based on traditional Victorian tea dance sets. Each set included Galop’s, Waltzes (link), Viennese Waltzes (link), and Tangos (link). Each set was broken up with an English country dance and cotillion mixers. Some of the mixers included the French country dance, Strip the willow (link), and the Turkish Branle. Dance instruction was given between dances, so everyone had a chance to participate.

Victorian Tea Dancers

Steam Fling Tea Duel

Half way through the afternoon dancers took a break to tea duel. The rules were read, all the guests had the opportunity to square off to tea duel. Hot tea was poured for each couple as they chose their shortbread cookie to dunk in their tea. As couples held their cookies high, jokes were read to see if a wayward chuckle would cause a cookie to crumble. This was a jovial and entertaining endeavor.

Victorian dueling

Steam Fling conclusion

After the afternoon tea dancers were invited back onto the floor. The dance variety expanded to the late Victorian era including a Samba line dance (link). Everyone was so delightful and had a joyous time. I look forward to doing this again soon.


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