History of Cowboy Cha-cha

History of Cowboy Cha-cha

history of Cowboy Cha-cha

One of the most popular country dances is the cowboy cha-cha. It seems like an oxymoron that cowboys would take to a dance with Latin roots. But a wise person once said that the answer to any “when did county” do this question is “when someone was drunk enough to try.”

Cowboy Cha-cha origins

Cha-cha had its origins in Latin culture. By the 1950’s Americans were gaga for cha-cha. Then the 80’s rolled around, and disco line dances were wildly popular. These trends influenced the country western line dances. Early versions suggest that this traveling Cha-cha was a deviation of the original danced in a shadow position.

Cowboy Cha-cha today

Most sources agree that cowboy cha-cha made a splash in the 90’s. Neon Moon hit charts in 1992 and cowboy Cha-cha made its home at western dance clubs. The cowboy Cha-cha has developed with many variations done solo and in shadow partnership position. At the Grizzly Rose in Denver it is one of the three most popular dances.

Cowboy cha

Cowboy Cha-cha highlights:

  • Popular Country-Western Line dance
  • danced solo or with a partner
  • Developed in the 1980’s
  • Distinctly different from the Latin Cha-cha

cowboy cha cuddle

Cowboy Cha-cha songs

  • Aaron Tippin – For You I Will 1998,
  • Alan Jackson with Jimmy Buffett – It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere 2003,
  • Blake Shelton – Some Beach 2004,
  • Brooks & Dunn – My Maria 1996,
  • Brooks & Dunn – Neon Moon 1991,
  • Dierks Bentley – Sideways 2009,
  • Dixie Chicks – There’s Your Trouble 1998
  • Eric Church – Drink In My Hand 2011
  • Garth Brooks – Two Pina Coladas 1997,
  • George Strait – I Just Want To Dance With You 1998,
  • Zac Brown Band – Toes 2008,

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