Lost in Wonderland Father Daughter Dance

Lost in Wonderland Father Daughter Dance

Mel lost in wonderland

Country clubs love father daughter dances. Mel Miles the events director for The Club at Pradera (link) and Pinery Country Club (link) always throws the best parties. This year Mel’s theme was Lost in Wonderland, a father daughter dance for both Pradera and Pinery country clubs.

carrage ride

To accommodate both clubs Mel moved the father daughter dance outside to the tent at the Pinery country club. In the parking lot outside the tent a horse and carriage met happy father’s and daughters and took them for an enchanted ride around the property. When girls dismounted they entered the tent   through giant pinwheels and pink flamingos decorating the entrance.

Pinery tent to wonderland

Lost in Wonderland in the Pinehurst Tent

Inside the tent guests were transported to a wonderful wonderland. Alice from Princess Ever After (link) greeted grinning girls at the door. She then sat down with the girls at Wonderstruck Photography (link) for photos with their fathers.

Alice greets girls

The tent was decorated with bright black, blue and white streamers and balloons. Round tables with blue tablecloths and set with tea saucers and pinwheels. The tables surrounded a black and white chessboard dance floor. To the left Adventures in Dance was rocking songs from Alice in Wonderland. D.J. Craig was dressed as the Hatter, and Holly as Cheshire. Attending girls called Holly lady cat.


Wonderland table and chessboard floor

Lost in Wonderland Menu

A bountiful buffet was set up on either side of the entrance. On the north side the tent a savory supper was set out. Entries included Mad Hatter’s salad Teacups to down the rabbit hole mac and cheese. Guests were dismissed table by table to pick their fare.

Mad Hatter's Salad teacups

Desserts were set up on the south side of the tent. The dessert table featured fabulous wonderland themed treats. Eat Me cupcakes, the mad queen’s popcorn treats, and my favorite, Cheshire cattails.
Wonderland Dessert table

wonderland dinner

  • Mad Hatter’s salad Teacups,
  • Tea Party tea sandwiches,
  • Caterpillar broccoli cheese soup,
  • Down The Rabbit hole mac and cheese,
  • Off With Your Head fruit skewers,
  • Jabberwocky salt & pepper wings,
  • Tweddle Dee & Tweddle Dum chicken pot pies & beef stew

down the rabbit hole dinner


  1. Eat Me cupcakes,
  2. The Mad Queen’s popcorn treats,
  3. Cheshire Cattails.

 Eat Me Chesire cat tails

Lost in Wonderland Entertainment
Hatter Craig, Alice, Chesire Holly

Alice took the microphone after dessert was served. She sang a beautiful rendition of “In a world of my own” from the original Disney “Alice in Wonderland.” Next, she sang “Happy birthday” for one of the daughters in attendance. Alice was amazing.

alice sings

When Alice finished the cat took over. Holly as Cheshire got all the dad’s up and dancing with their daughters.  The dancing kicked off with the “Hokey Pokey,” a father daughter dance tradition. Next they danced a dodo bird caucus race to the “Turkish” Brawl.
Hatter hat chesire ears

The book “Alice In Wonderland” is set in the middle of the Victorian era. The most popular dance of the Victorian era is the Waltz. So, Holly taught the group a line dance waltz called Rita’s waltz (link) to the almost Alice song “Welcome to Mystery.”
DJ Hatter craig

When the dance lesson was over, requests were made for social dance music. Father’s and daughters lined up to request their favorite dance tunes. Holly danced with daughter’s and Alice through the night as Craig played their favorite songs. When other line dances like the “Electric slide,” “Cha-cha slide,” and the “Cupid shuffle.” Came up, Holly directed everyone on step directions.
adventures in dance sign


Lost in Wonderland father daughter dance conclusion

Lost in Wonderland was a fabulous father daughter dance. Mel did an outstanding job bringing together the best of everything. Fun carriage rides, a great Alice from Princess Ever After (link), photos from Wonderstruck (link), fun food by Pinehurst, and DJ with dance lessons by Adventures in Dance. I look forward to next year.

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