Princess & The Frog Charleston Dance how to

Princess & The Frog Charleston Dance how to
a Historically Accurate Princess Dance.

Royal Frog for princess and the frog

Princess Tiana is my kind of princess. A hard-working resourceful young lady with a good head on her shoulders. In the princess and the frog, a couple of 1920’s dances were shown. The Viennese waltz and the tango. Theses were popular dances of the day. But they were not the iconic dance of this era. The Charleston would have been the historically accurate princess dance for the princess & the frog.

Charleston kicks

Birth of Charleston

Princess Tiana was from the ghettos of New Orleans, where Jazz and blues music reigned. As musicians traveled from state to state, they brought the latest trends with them. While playing at the Jungle Casino musician James Johnson was inspired by the black dancers to write the song “Charleston,” launching its popularity.

Popularity of Charleston

Orchestra leader Emil Coleman declared that the “Charleston” is “The most characteristically American of any of the modern dances whose peculiar accent in time is the musical expression of the native (black) temperament.” “From coast to coast the “Charleston” has caught the country swaying to its curious rhythm. No dance, since jazz first came into vogue, has created such a furor. Enthusiasts ecstatically stamp to its syncopated measures, while others, equally in earnest, denounce it. But the controversy that is carried on everywhere concerning this latest mania has failed to stem its tide of popularity. America is “Charleston” mad!” read a syndicated article by the International Feature Service.

Resistance to Charleston

Just like princess Tiana met resistance to her dream of owing her own restaurant, the Charleston was met with resistance. Mayors from around the United States were banning the Charleston. The more they tried to stop the Charleston, the more popular it became. Ballrooms gave up trying to ban the Charleston and posted signs to “PCQ” or “Please Charleston Quietly.”

Flapper feet

Charleston How to

I had created a Charleston how to prior to creating the historically accurate princess dances. Enjoy the Charleston how to video below. Then read more about how to dance the Charleston here.

Quick Charleston Facts

  • Created by Black Dancers
  • Variation of the black bottom
  • Iconic dance of the 1920’s
  • All American dance
  • Banned by Mayors in New Jersey and Boston
  • Historically accurate princess dance for Tiana

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