Spring Dance Showcase

Spring Dance Showcase


Spring is a time for new beginnings. Dance showcases are a great way to show off new moves from beginners to advanced dancers.  So, dancers from Adventures got together to show all their new moves in the spring dance showcase.

Spring Dance Showcase 1
youth squad awards

The dance demonstrations began with the youngest. Junior dancers from the Adventures in Dance Youth Squad (Sarah, David, Kylie, Kaylee, Jaydon & Noah) demonstrated international Latin Dances. They performed their Samba, Cha-cha, Rumba, and Jive.

Keith purvis dance award

Next up was Keith Purvis doing a country twist on a Foxtrot. He danced a fun foxtrot to a country version of “You’ve got a friend in me.” Keith did a great job of demonstrating the steps he learned in the foxtrot class.

craig and holly dance

Spring Dance Showcase pro show 1

The previous evening Craig and Holly had performed at the Pinehurst country club for the Carousel dance club. To share this with the students at Adventures in Dance They started their first set with a Quickstep to “Dancin Fool” then a Samba to “Jump In the line.”

Spring Dance Showcase 2

Mel dance award

After more social dancing for everyone Students were ready to perform their routines. Melvin Marcusson was next with his Hustle routine to “Stayin Alive.” He had a fun time showing of his disco moves.

Samba dance award

A scintillating samba formation followed. Shayao and Sabrina McFarland danced with Craig and Noah Wells-Allirez to “Bailando.” They did a super job with their samba.

Nick dance award

The last student routine was with Nick Capron. He demonstrated his recall ability with a 4 dance segue routine. Nick wanted to remember all the routines from his group classed. He danced to cat themed music a Viennese waltz to “Memory,” a Tango to “Pink Panther,” a Foxtrot and Quickstep to “everybody wants to be a cat.”


Spring Dance Showcase pro show 2

The last show before dinner was the pro show. Robyn and William danced a modern American foxtrot to “Kill of the night.” Then Craig and Holly closed the show with a pirate number. They began with a sward duel to a tango. Then after stripping Craig’s coat off, they danced a Paso Doble.  It was a real show stopper.


Spring Dance Showcase Dinner Menu

Dinner was delicious. Catered by Ken Wyble, he went over the top with the spring theme. He brought a green salad with a choice of dressings. Next up was deviled eggs. The eggs were followed by a butterfly pasta primavera (spring in Italian) with grilled chicken. If that was not enough, a delicious artichoke and leek quiche was served. Then to top it all off was a carrot cake.  Well fed dancers then made their way home.

Spring Dance Showcase overview

Spring Dance Showcase 1

  • Youth Squad Latin Dances, Samba ”Under the Sea, ”Cha-cha “Chili Cha-cha,” Rumba, Jive “All Shook Up.” Noah, Kylie, David, Kaylee, Jaydon, Sarah
  • Foxtrot Solo- “You’ve got a friend in me” Keith Purvis

Spring Dance Showcase pro show 1

  • Charleston Quickstep Craig & Holly “Dancin Fool”
  • Samba Craig & Holly “Jump in the Line”

Spring Dance Showcase 2

  • Hustle “Stayin Alive” Melvin Marcusson
  • Samba Formation “Bailando” Shayao & Sabrina Mc Farland with Noah Wells-Allirez & Craig.
  • Smooth Medley, Viennese waltz, “Memory,” Tango, “Pink Panther,” Foxtrot and Quickstep “Everybody wants to be a cat.” Nick Capron.

Spring Dance Showcase pro show 2

  • American Foxtrot “Kill of the night.” Robyn and William
  • Pirate Medley Tango/Paso Doble, “He’s a pirate” Craig & Holly.


Spring Dance Showcase Dinner Menu

  • Salad
  • Deviled eggs
  • Butterfly Pasta Primavera (spring in Italian)
    with Grilled Chicken
  • Artichoke & Leek Quiche
  • Carrot Cake


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