How dancing feels verses looks

How dancing feels verses looks

After three decades of dancing what I feel when dancing is not the same as how it looks. Sometimes it feels wonderful but looks bad. Sometimes it feels awful but looks good. So, I have learned that what you feel is not what you get.

Dance learning process

Learning to dance is a process. No one is born knowing how to dance. Everyone has to take the first step in learning how to dance. And one of those steps is discovering new things about looking good vs. feeling good.

New muscles

When you learn to dance you engage new muscles. New actions do not feel good until they are trained into a habit. For instance, standing up straight. Good posture is good for you inside and out. However, most of us practice bad posture when working at our computers. The result of this bad posture is that it is uncomfortable to stand up straight after being hunched over.

Open yourself to change

Be open to change. Realize that change brings discomfiture, and learning is a state of constant change. Open yourself to awkward moments and movements so you can grow into new and better habits. These new habits will look and feel better over time.

Everyone had different goals. Some people want to dance for their wedding, others so they can date, and many for a hobby or challenge. Whatever your goals are, take a chance and get out and dance.

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