Faerie dances at the Festival of Faerie

Faerie dances at the Festival of Faerie

faerie dances

Faeries descend on Lafayette every Spring. The Festival of Faerie is good clean fun for all the family.  Festival of Faerie is a fairy-tale festival that promotes, encourages, and develops storytelling skills by offering a community event.

fairy grandmother and sprites

At the festival children got to meet the dragon, unicorns, faeries, fauns, satyrs, leprechauns, and more! The festival provides activities for adults and of all ages. It is a celebration of art and imagination with an eclectic mix of theatrical performances. There are visual arts, live music, dancing, live-steel sword play shows, and questing.

dance faeries kylie luna

In the afternoon there was a fairy tea with the new Crowned Queen of this year. Then constants strapped on their wings, girded their armor, put on their elfish ears for a costume contest for all to admire. Wings and wonders were everywhere.

brown faerie

Faerie dances

At 4 pm dancers from Adventures in dance flew into town Square. Princess Holly and gypsy Luna processed into the Square with a Pavane (link). Fairies are known for forming circles, so it was no surprise that circle dances were best.


Pixies and brownies learned several fun dances. They learned the Turkish brawl. Next, Branle de original (link) with the spin the fairy variation. Then they learned to scold a fairy with the washerwoman brawl.

Faerie family

After a short break to judge the second costume contest, fay folk came back to kick up their heals with Celtic music. Lined up and facing each other fairies danced Strip the Willow (link). To close the dancing, a faerie favorite was danced. The hokey pokey. It was an all time hit.

blue faerie

Faerie finale

To conclude the festival, the winners of the costume contest were announced. With prizes handed out, the bard came forward to sing the closing song. Then all the faeries were free to head home. As always, this was a delightful event for young and old.

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