Medieval Festival & dance

Medieval Festival & dance

cluck fergus elinor robin hood medieval dance

Don’t you love chivalry? The Colorado Medieval festival is full of frolicking fun for everyone. Food, live music, and merchant booths lined the Savage woods. From armored knights to dancing damsels you can find it all in this Loveland festival.

medieval knights tentmedieval scottish highlands games

The Savage Wood is the perfect venue for the merging of medieval dance, activities and sports. Athletes gathered for Scottish highland games, full armor combat, fencing, and Jousting. Brave medieval fair goers could try their hand at archery and ax throwing. Youth could wield foam swords or explore the combat maze.


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Medieval Festival dance

medieval belly dance

Dance groups donned their best and converged on various stages to strut their stuff. Belly dancers abounded with shows on the main stage and in their own upfield tent. Morris dancers were a unique treat on the second stage, adorned in ribbons, as they performed traditional dances.

medieval Morris dance

Medieval dance


Adventures in Dance brought a unique show, featuring historically accurate princess dances. Dancers were adorned as medieval characters like King Fergus, Queen Eleanor, Merida, Robin Hood, Lady Cluck, and various medieval folk. Joining the adult dancers at noon were junior dancers from the youth squad. They concluded their set by enticing festival goers to join in the fun.

 elinor merida prince phillip robin hood medieval dance

The show included a variety of medieval and renaissance dances. The show began with a processional pavane. Then lifting their ladies in the air with a with aplomb dancers kicked up to La Volta (link), a favorite of Queen Elizabeth. Followed by, A joyful Galliard bounded on the stage featuring flirting with their partner. A stately Saltarello was danced side by side. Finally, dancers formed a circle to share the branle de original known as toss the duchess before joining the audience.


Interactive Dance

medieval dance with audience

Stepping down from the stage, dancers instructed festival goers on how to dance fun medieval dances. For each show the dancers began by joining hands with the audience to teach them a Turkish brawl.  Then Adventures in Dance would share with the audience, Celtic Ceili dances like Strip the Willow and the Gay Gordons. Finally they wrap the session off with another brawl like the washerwoman branle.

medieval bubble blower

The Colorado Medieval Festival is an outstanding interactive history festival. If you love to have a good time mark your calendar for next year. Hip hip, Huzzah!

Medieval dance maid Marion Kylie

List of dances found at the Colorado Medieval festival

  1. Belly dance
  2. Morris Dance
  3. Medieval dance
  4. Celtic Ceili dance
  5. Branle dances



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