Dances of Americana

Dances of Americana, Or

All American dances that catch the American Spirit.

By Holly Collins-Tomazin, Owner of Adventures in Dance

America has left its imprint on the dances of the world. From the Boston to the Portland, dances from early America made it overseas influencing other cultures. For the 4th of July I am going to focus on two post war dances of Americana.

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Dances of Americana – Charleston

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Following WW l the great depression hit. regardless of how bad things were at home, people still went out to the movies and to dance. Wild dances like the Charleston were popping up all over. States were banning the Charleston, and exuberant dancers were cautioned to PCQ, or please Charleston quietly. Charleston never really died. It was absorbed into the really fast foxtrot, Charleston, quickstep. It survives in the dancing with the stars quickstep of today. (read more)

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Dances of Americana – Swing


After WWII big band music was taxed to death to pay for the war. Rock and roll took the stage on the new technology of TV. Single time swing was the dance rage of the 50’s. The Lawrence Welk Show and American bandstand were the go to sources for new dances and moves. Everybody was swinging! (read more)


I was privilege to present the dances of Americana for 71st Westercon on the 4th of July at the Hyatt DTC. Festival goers had a great time learning the Charleston and the swing with the staff at Adventures in Dance.  Join Holly Monday through Friday at Adventures in Dance to learn more about ballroom, Latin, swing and salsa dances.


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