3 Types of Honeymoons

3 Types of Honeymoons

Planning your honeymoon goes hand in hand with planning your wedding. It is great to make time to get away with the love of your life after you tie the knot. Linda from Beacon travel has tips on planning 3 types of honeymoons. She calls them the mini-moon, honeymoon, and double-moon, with baby-moon variations for a pregnant bride.

Mini-Moon honeymoon
mini moon honeymoon

The first type of honeymoon is the mini-moon. Mini-moon’s are your short trips or staycations so newly merged families can get to know each other. It is also good for couples who want to plan a bigger trip in the future. These can include staying extra days at your hotel with family, or a weekend getaway for the two of you.

Traditional Honeymoons

Honeymoons last on average 8 days. Most wedding couples plan one destination for their honeymoon. Popular destinations include Caribbean cruises, Paris, Napa Valley, and Italy. Couples are planning their dream trips for their honeymoon.

Double-Moon Honeymoons
double moon

For some couples one destination is not enough. Perhaps the bride loves France, and the groom wants to snorkel in the Caribbean. A double destination honeymoon is the perfect option. Newlyweds can spend a week in the first location, like London, then for the second week a new destination like Antigua. This double destination is a great option.

Baby-Moon adaptation

baby moon honeymoon

Some couples choose to get married when they find they are having a baby. With a baby on the way you can adapt which of the three honeymoons works best for you. For safety reasons it is best to keep all your honeymoon destinations stateside. This reduces the perils your baby can be exposed to. Add organic food options and prenatal massages to your package to wrap up your perfect baby-moon honeymoon.

3 Types of Honeymoons

full moon

  • Mini-Moon honeymoons- short 2-3 days
  • Traditional Honeymoons- medium 8-10 days
  • Double-Moon Honeymoons- Long 14-16 days
  • Baby-Moon adaptation- stay stateside and pamper the bride.

Thank you to Linda Hedges for all these honeymoon tips. Learn about Linda Hedges from Beacon Travel on Holly’s hot wedding tips. Read the blog here https://www.adventuresindance.com/2018/07/linda-beacon-travel/  You can contact Linda Hedges at Beacon Travel Llc 720-645-3836 linda.beacontravel@gmail.com


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