Dancing at Western Welcome Week 90th anniversary

Dancing at Western Welcome Week 90th anniversary

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For 90 years Western Welcome Week has been celebrated in downtown Littleton. The past decade Adventures in dance has performed on the western welcome week dance stage. Sponsoring Western Welcome Week for the past 2 years Adventures in dance has provided the sound for the dance stage as well as hosting a country western social dance.


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Country western dance party decor

On Friday night dancers gathered on the super-secret second floor of the Woodlawn shopping center at Adventures in Dance. They had fun dancing two step and cowboy Cha-cha to a variety of DJ tunes. Appetizers included cowboy fare like sliders and baked beans from Dickey’s Barbecue.


Western Welcome Week Dance DJ

western welcome week dancers-Anastaisia-Czar-Ariel-prince-Eric

At dawn on Saturday morning Craig and Holly made their way downtown Littleton to set up sound equipment for the shows on the dance stage. When the parade ended the first dance team got up to perform. They were real troopers’ dancing through the drizzle and the downpour of rain.


Western Welcome Week dragon dance show

www dragon in littleton colorado

At 1 pm the skies had cleared and Adventures in dance was ready to take the stage. The Burch and Smith families kicked off the show with Diamond Lil the dancing Chinese dragon. They performed to “Honor to us all” from Mulan. Cathy, Wendy, Stephanie, Rebecca and Ben did honor to our stage with a great dragon show.

Western Welcome Week princess dance show


Next the staff from adventures in dance performed ballroom and Latin routines as dancing princesses. Robyn Collins was dressed as Ariel, dancing with her partner William Hooker dressed as prince Eric. They danced their Latin routines like Paso Doble, Jive, Rumba, Mambo, and Cha-cha. Their songs included “Pirate Paso Doble,” “Happy,” “Time of my Life,” and “Uptown Funk.”


Craig Tomazin dressed as the Czar and Holly Collins dressed as Anastasia, danced several ballroom dances. They danced a tango, Viennese waltz, quickstep, and a slow waltz. Their songs included “Belle Tango,” “Once upon a December,” “Whistle while you work,” and “someday my prince will come.”


Western Welcome Week Youth Squad dance show


Representing the Adventures in dance Youth squad were Noah Wells-Allriez and Leah Kern. Noah danced his Latin rumba, Cha-cha, and Samba with Robyn Collins. Leah Kern then joined Noah to dance a rock and roll swing. They were a delight to watch. Between numbers staff joined the youth to demonstrate social dances of the Victorian era. Dances demonstrated included the Spanish Waltz, and the Korobushka.


Western Welcome Week Parasol duel

Robyn parasol dueling snub (2)

Steampunk parasol dueling was demonstrated between sets. Ariel beat Anastasia every time. Brave young ladies tried their hand and parasol dueling based on rock paper scissors. But in the end, Ariel took the crown by winning the most rounds.


Western Welcome Week Princess training


Princesses in training were invited to join the dancing princesses for some historically accurate princess dances. Young ladies from the audience danced a Turkish branle, Washerwoman’s branle, and Strip the Willow. Later in the day the audience joined the dancers to line dance to the Electric slide and the Cupid shuffle.


Western Welcome Week conclusion

country dance cowboy

The sun was dipping on the horizon as performers sang their last not. Craig and Holly were privileged to be a part of another successful western welcome week. We look forward to dancing again next year.


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