Never too late to get married

Never too late to get married

It’s never too late to get married. Rita and Steve are living proof this is true. After 26 years together, they finally decided to tie the knot.

Retirement tuned wedding

garden wedding arch

Rita was planning her retirement party when she threw out the idea of getting married to Steve. When Steve agreed with Rita, she kicked it into high gear and transformed her retirement party to include a wedding. Her wedding.
garden wedding bridesmaid dog

Live music and a cake were added to the retirement party. Rita and Steve processed down the garden path and took their vows among family and friends. Rita’s Dog even got a new pearl and rhinestone collar for the event.

rita as a bluhshing bride

Wedding dance

cherry pink and apple blossom white apples in garden wedding

After working hard on new steps for their first dance, Rita and Steve stepped onto the dance floor for their first dance. They danced a wedding cha-cha to cherry pink and apple blossom white. This was a fitting song for the garden wedding under an apple tree.

Wedding cake

garden wedding cake

When the last notes died from the first dance, the couple turned to cut the cake. It was a lovely three-tiered creation with flowers adorning it. They cut it together and let everyone eat cake.

steve and rita cut the cake

Never too late to get married

garden wedding boquet

Never let age be a barrier to your wedding dreams. Steve and Rita did not let age or illness stand in the way of their wedding vows. Live your dreams today.

Good friends are like stars wedding quote

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