Oktoberfest Line Dance How To

Oktoberfest Line Dance How To

Oktoberfest line dance holly craig


Don’t you love going to Oktoberfest? German beer, live music, and dancing make for a fun festival. A popular line dance at Oktoberfest is Anton Aus Tirol line dance.

History of Anton Aus Tirol Oktoberfest song

The song Anton Aus Tirol was recorded by Austrian artist Anton and DJ Otzi in 1999. It quickly soared to the top of the charts in Austria and Germany. It has remained an Oktoberfest favorite since.

Oktoberfest dance craig holly

Littleton’s First Oktoberfest

For the inaugural Littleton Co. Oktoberfest Holly from Adventures in Dance taught the popular line dance to Anton Aus Tirol. It was a warm Sunday afternoon, but youth and adults had a good time learning this easy German line dance. Follow the instructions below to learn this fun line dance.

oktoberfest line dance Holly how to

Oktoberfest Line Dance How To

  • Entrance: clap during Anton chant, then start when horns add in
  • 1-2, 2 count both hands flick over right shoulder.
    3-4, 2 count both hands flick over left shoulder.
  • 5-6, 2 count both hands flick down over right hip
    7-8, 2 count both hands flick down over left hip
  • 1-2, 2 count twirl right hand up with left hand at elbow
    3-4, 2 count twirl left hand up with right hand at elbow
  • 5-8, 4 count roll your fists from below your waist to up high.
  • 1-4, 4 count 1 forward right foot, 2 forward & side left foot, 3 back right foot, 4 back left foot
  • 5-6, 2 count 1 jump forward both feet, 2 jump back both feet
  • 7-8, 2 count, 1 hop turning left ¼ turn, 2 clap.
  • Repeat from the beginning

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