5 ways bad posture harms you

5 ways bad posture harms you

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Do you want good posture? I teach posture every day, and work on fixing my clients bad posture so it does not harm their dancing. But bad posture can harm many aspects of your life.

Modern life is no friend to good posture. Chairs encourage slumping. Computers encourage neck craning. Biking bends you over. All these activities work against the natural alignment of your spine.

Do you ever think about how your posture affects your quality of life? If you do not work actively against the pull of modern life, your spine will start to curl and deform beneath you. Here are 5 ways bad posture can harm you.

5 ways bad posture harms you

  1. Slumping in chairs

    Slumping can drain the life out of you. Literally. Your mind body connection is a two-way street. By slumping you communicate to your brain that you are tired and stressed and creating a negative mental state.

    Good posture has the opposite effect. It can make you feel more alert, productive, and ultimately happy. Improving your posture reduces your risk of depression. Sit up and be happy. Then you can do a happy dance 😊

  2. Unattractive posture

    Do you feel unattractive? Slumped Posture makes you appear unattractive. It also affects your memories in a negative way, causing you to dwell on negative memories.

    Become instantly more attractive by standing up! Good posture makes you more attractive and feel more confident. It also encourages positive memories. So, stand up and lift your mind and your spine. Slumping also makes it difficult to move with a partner in dancing. When dancing this frees you up to move in closer to your partner.

  3. Craning your neck

    Jutting your chin out and craning your neck like you do when looking at your cell phone restricts the flow of oxygen to your brain. Then when you stand up your head sits in front of your spine causing balance issues with how you move.

    Sitting or standing with your head in line with your neck allows the blood to flow more freely. It relaxes the neck and shoulder muscles. Relaxed and free muscles move better to music.

  4. Increased Headaches

    Straining your head forward to look at cellphones and computer screens tighten neck muscles. These tight muscles inhibit blood flow to the brain. The reduced blood flow can then trigger headaches.

    Dancing encourages you to get up and stretch those muscles out and get into your happy place. The movement with music releases tight muscles diminishing debilitating headaches.

  5. Increased back pain

    Bad posture affects 80 percent of Americans today. Slouching mashes your intestines impairing digestion. Lower back pain stems from hunched and curled back positions. Your quality of life is affected by the posture you choose to practice.

Corrections for bad posture

  1. Loosen tight muscles
  2. Build core muscles
  3. Practice good posture always.
  4. Dance!

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