Oktoberfest Dance Showcase

Oktoberfest Dance Showcase

Dancers craig, valerie, Kevin, Holly

The end of September is the best time to celebrate Oktoberfest and the dancers at Adventures in Dance intended to celebrate to the fullest. Music, dinner and delightful dancing made our Oktoberfest a night to remember.

Dancers Sheryl Larry

Dancers gathered at 4 pm to warm up and practice their moves before the show. Since everyone would be dancing as hard as they could appetizers were served in the form of soft pretzels, cheese dip, corn chips, salsa and iced tea. Once everyone was warmed up, guests took their seats to let the show begin.

Oktoberfest dance mock competition

This year our Oktoberfest was in a competition format. Rounds of dances with multiple dancers on the floor were scheduled while judges lined the outskirts and wrote critiques of each dance. The first set was Samba with youth competitors Noah Wells-Alirez and Leah Kern. They stepped up and showed their improved moves while keeping up with the Samba beat. Next Noah danced his new international ballroom Waltz with his teacher Holly Collins-Tomazin. It was a Waltz in the park for him.

Dance Competition Rounds

Dancer Mel

The Cha-cha heat had a full floor. Melvin Marcusson, with newcomer dancers Kevin Rudolph & Valerie Wassill did great for their first performance while Noah and Leah showed great improvement from their last competition at the Denver Turnverine. Following the cha-cha, Noah danced a tantalizing international Tango.

Rumba was the popular dance with Kevin and Valerie coming back to dance more and even more confident this round. Joining them were seasoned performers, Larry & Sheryl Gray, who nailed their routine. Last of all, Noah and Leah did a bang-up job with their new-found Rumba technique. Then gracing the floor for a solo Night Club 2 step was Melvin Marcusson.

Dancers Leah Noah

Swing was the thing for Larry and Noah. Dusting off his competition Jive, Noah and Leah grooved and well…jived to the rhythm.  Fitting all the new moves and a couple extra for good measure Larry and Sheryl swung into action alongside Noah and Leah. After the dust had settled from all the swingers Noah graced the floor with a flirty foxtrot alongside his teacher Holly, further showing improvement across his dances thus far.

Moving on, dancers Kevin, Valerie, Larry, Sheryl, and Melvin gathered to duke it out with a Mambo. Kevin and Valerie did wonderful with all their new moves. While all five new steps made it into Larry and Sheryl’s mambo. However, in the blink of an eye Melvin rocked the floor with his favorite dance. The dancers left the floor panting while Noah and Holly moved quickly into the Quickstep.

Bolero, the dance of love, was next. Seasoned moves from previous routines set the stage for Larry’s and Sheryl’s dance of passionate love. Beside them Melvin nailed all his Bolero moves, and even an extra new step. Closing the show was Noah’s Viennese Waltz demonstration with Holly. He swept her around and around the floor until they had twirled themselves out and closed the showcase.

Video rhythm

Oktoberfest dance awards


Dancer Noah

Dancers were awarded blue ribbons, chocolate and certificates of participation. Then the staff presented their latest routines. Craig & Holly danced their new Jive to Greased Lightening. Then Robyn and William showcased their new Paso Doble to Espani Cani.

Oktoberfest dinner

With the dancing done, everyone was ready for dinner. Chef Ken Wyble designed a dinner to die for. He prepared green salad, wiener schnitzel, spaetzle, dark rye bread, and a dessert of black forest cupcakes. Everyone dined until they couldn’t fit another bite in then dancers got back up for a final trip around the dance floor. It was truly the best Oktoberfest yet.

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