Oktoberfest Dance

Oktoberfest Dance

Oktoberfest polka dance

Oktoberfest is a great excuse to get together to drink and dance. The Young Adult Cathedral Catholics (YACC) at Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception put together an Oktoberfest dance. The Knights of Columbus gave them their space on Saturday October 6th to have a delightful dinner dance.


German food

Guests were treated to authentic German fare. They dined on fresh Bratwurst and Pretzels and a superb selection of German beers was available on draft for drinking like a German.

Oktoberfest polkas

Oktoberfest polka dancers

The sweet sounds of accordions rang out across the dining hall as a lovely line of ladies played polka’s during dinner. At 6 pm the accordion ladies took a dinner break. During the break, Adventures in Dance arrived to teach German dances.

Oktoberfest dance

oktoberfest holly

Holly Collins-Tomazin started the group out with the “Anton Aus Tirol”(link) German line dance.  Once they were warmed up, she moved on to the “Chicken Dance.” Polka was next (link). Clasping partners in closed position, Holly led the dancers through a variety of fun steps.


A slow waltz (link) line dance to Edelweiss helped dancers catch their breath. Then they were swept up in the hesitation variations of the Viennese Waltz (link). When the last question was answered, the stage got turned over to more fun accordion polka music. Dancers got to get up and use all the cool moves they had just learned.

Good memories

knights of columbus ship

Everyone had a great time drinking, dining and dancing. This was an Oktoberfest to remember. The Young Adult Cathedral Catholics really know how to throw a party.

knight of columbus

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