Finish of Foxtrot?

Finish of Foxtrot?

I was researching dance history recently. In my digging I came across 8 dance crazes that went out of style. One of the dances the British Pathe determined was not stylish was the Foxtrot. Is this the finish of Foxtrot? I don’t think so.

Dixieland Foxtrot

The Foxtrot (link) of today has many options. It is not limited to just one rhythm or style. I have always found it an all-purpose dance in Dixieland music. The early Foxtrot was danced very fast with a little bounce. What was a really fast Foxtrot becoming our quickstep (link) in the roaring 20’s.

Box Foxtrot

Every educated dancer new the box step. The box has been influencing dance since the new Waltz of 1850. So, the box step made its way into the step list for the Foxtrot.

Cross step Foxtrot

Blues music was the next to put it’s stamp on the Foxtrot (link). The slower soulful sound of blues music directed a new kind of Foxtrot. The slow Foxtrot rose in response to this new music. Stealing moves from the cross-step Waltz, this passing foot Foxtrot graced the ballroom floor.

Two-step Foxtrot

Not only was Foxtrot influenced by basic box, but it has had it’s influence on music. In the 1940’s the collegiate Foxtrot was picked up by a batch of Square dancers in Texas. The result was the Texas Two-Step. Country artists have been writing music for the Two-Step (link) ever since.

Future of Foxtrot?

So, is the Foxtrot finished? I don’t think so. With roots in so many styles of dance, I find the Foxtrot can be used for endless outings. I can go to a great Gatsby event and dance the really-fast Foxtrot, known as the Quickstep. I can go to a jazz or blues club and use the passing foot cross step Waltz variations. Not enough variety? Don your boots and 10 Gallon hat and go two stepping at the local country western club.

Timeless Foxtrot

The American Foxtrot syllabus is a time capsule. With elements from the 20’s to the 40’s you can dance through time as you learn your Foxtrot elements. From there you can take your new moves out on the town to dance the night away.

List of British Pathe 8 dance crazes that went out of style

  • Charleston,
  • Fox Trot,
  • Hot Fox,
  • Chestnut Tree,
  • Park Parade,
  • The Jive,
  • Golly Golly,
  • The Shake
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