Son-light Mother Son Dance

Son-light Mother Son Dance

mother son fall pumpkin

Country club dances are fun for all. The Club at Pradera did something unique this fall. They hosted their first Mother-Son dance. The theme was Son-Light, themed around a Star Wars theme.


mother son drink station

Club Mother’s and sons gathered on November 3 for an evening of dining and dancing. Young boys dined on Pizza and chicken fingers. Then they had the opportunity to pose for photos with their mom’s in a portable photo booth.

Light saber lesson

mother son light saber lesson

At 6 pm the real fun began. Craig Tomazin lined up all the young Jedi trainees to learn how to stage fight. Once the no pain rules had been presented, light sabers were passed out. Boys were counted off 1 & 2 then practiced their attack and defense poses.

Scavenger hunt

mother son pumpkins

Next up the boys had a scavenger hunt on the country club patio. Boys were divided into groups ages 4-7, then 7 and up. They had a great time looking for treasures hidden in plane sight.

Dance lesson

Holly Adventures in Dance

After a build your own Ice Cream Sunday the boys were ready to dance. Holly Collins got them out to shake a leg. They kicked it off with the hokey pokey. Next, they learned how to dance a Turkish Branle.

Mother Son Dance

DJ dance music

Opening it up to music requests is always fun. Many new and old favorites were requested. Then more line dances were added. Requests included the Cupid shuffle, Macarena, Samba line dance, Thriller line dance, and the Monster Mash.

Goodnight closing

Mother son balloons

Die hard dancers lingered until the very end. At the strike of 9 pm, the last song was played, and happy guests made their way home. It was a Mother Son dance to remember.

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