Wild Goose Masquerade Ball

Wild Goose Masquerade Ball

Wild goose dancers


Who doesn’t dream of getting invited to a ball? For the past several years the dancers from Adventures in Dance have been invited to perform at the Wild Goose Masquerade Ball. Dreams do come true, and the youth squad was back to sharing historic dances at the wild goose ball.


Wild Goose Masquerade Ball theme

dancers keith and girls (2)

This year’s theme was myths, legends and tales. The entry to the Avalon ballroom was decorated with trees and streamers. Guests flocked onto the dance floor as their favorite myth and story character.


Live orchestra

Grand march

The Denver pops mostly Strauss orchestra started the evening with a grand march. This was a delightful way to get a glance at the colorful variety of costumes. There were Satyrs, a puss in boots and royalty among the guests. At the end of the march, the first waltz was played, and the dancing began.


Adventures in Dance show

During the first intermission Adventures in Dance gave their performance, the youth squad began with a traditional dance that Anastasia would have done, the Korobushka. Dancers Keith, Kaylee, Abby, Craig, Leah, Noah, Robyn & William did a great job. Next, William and Robyn debuted their new open international rumba routine. The group followed this with the Spanish waltz, an English country dance, preformed to the Nutcracker song Spanish Chocolate.


Denver pops polka band


The orchestra returned for their second set and preformed a great variety of waltzes and ballroom dances. The Denver pops polka band graced the stage for the second break. Dancers took a mad whirl around the dance floor as the polka band played favorites like the chicken dance.



lovely luna dancer (2)

Guests could take a rest between songs and sets. The adjourning ballroom was set up with a lavish spread of appetizers and desserts. From coffee and cake, to gyros and cheeses, there was an option for everyone.


Wild Goose Masquerade Ball closing

dancers Noah Leah

The end of the night brought a happy repose for tired feet. Dancers bid ado to head to bed with visions of sugarplums dancing in their head. This was a delightful event worth going to year after year.

Dancers Kevin Robyn

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