3 Bridal Show Benefits

3 Bridal Show Benefits

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Rocky Mountain Bridal Show

I was at the Rocky Mountain Bridal Show this week when the organized Barbie Howard asked me a profound question. Why do I keep coming back? What is the value of a bridal show? This has caused me to think about the value for both brides and businesses. I came up with 3 bridal show benefits.


Bridal Show Benefits for a Bride


There are so many ways to research information. You can use a wedding site, a bridal guide, or search the internet. All these sources are good, but incomplete. As a bride you want to know the person behind the position who will be at your wedding. Here are the 3 benefits of going to a bridal show.


3 Bridal Show Benefits to a Bride


  • Meet your team face to face.
    It is good to meet potential vendors for your wedding face to face. You are going to trust them to make your dream wedding a reality, so it is good to put a face with the business.
    Rocky Mountain Bridal Show Dance Booth
  • Compare multiple professionals.
    Where else can you go and compare three DJ’s, photographers, venues, or caterers? All at the same location! This saves you valuable time. You can then schedule appointments with the ones you want to know more about.
    The Makery Cakes
  • Get an overview of what is available.
    There is always the one thing you forgot to add to your list. This is a great overview of what you are looking for. Did you forget about dance lessons? Adventure in Dance has free tips available for planning your first dance. Or catch their dance show before the runway show.

Benefits of a bridal show to professionals.


I have always found value in getting to know brides. I love to hear about their plans for their wedding, and their concerns. It allows me to tailor my services to fit their needs, wants and desires. Bridal shows are a valuable way of getting a first look at my future clients. Here are three benefits to a business at a bridal show.

2 bridal show benefits to a vendor


  • Meet your future customer.
    This is a great opportunity to have a first meeting with a potential client. It is a privilege to be able to greet them with a smile and a handshake. Then get their name and hear what they are dreaming of planning.
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  • Showcase your superpower.
    You have an opportunity to educate and share your field of excellence with the bride. Samples of your work give the bride a first look into how you can tailor her day to her kind of special.

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