3 Hot Trends in Wedding Calligraphy

3 Hot Trends in Wedding Calligraphy

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Do you want Pretty Writing to represent you on your invitations?  I met with Evette Goldstein from Pretty Writing to find out what the current calligraphy trends are. Mrs. Goldstein had 3 hot trends in wedding calligraphy to tell me about.


3 Hot Trends in Wedding Calligraphy

noteworthy wedding

1-     Calligraphy style – Bombshell, Markum, Burgess

2-     Hottest color– Metallic gold

3-     Wedding Vow Scrolls


window pane words

The first trend is in font styles. Three styles are popular this year. The first is Bombshell. It is a fun and funky calligraphy style making its way across envelopes everywhere. Swirly and elegant calligraphy styles are making a comeback. Two styles fit the bill this year to make our second and third calligraphy trends for this year. These last two swirly styles are Markum and Burgess, and lend themselves to fine point pen with lots of swirls.


3 hot calligraphy font styles

  •    Bombshell – fun and funky calligraphyBombshell - Contemporary Layout
  •    Markum– Classic and elegantCopy of Melodie Graphiques
  •    Burgess– Swirly with a flair.Copperplate - Burgues-cropped


Hottest Color

caligraphy purple with gold writing envelope

The second hot trend is metallic gold. Once you have picked your font, then you want a color to draw you into reading more. Metallic Gold is the color of the year popping up on envelopes, invitations and place cards. With a shimmer and a shine that stands out on any envelope, gold is the way to go.

Bombshell - white on Black Place Cards


Wedding Vow Scrolls


Now you have your font, your color, next you need your vows. Presenting your vows on scrolls is the hot trend this year. Scrolls are a unique and beautiful way to present you wedding vows. They can then be stored in a silk box to have as a lifetime keepsake. You then have a reminder that you can take out to reminisce that you care about each other now and forever.

invitation scroll


Hand Write Your Envelope

envelopes by evette pretty writing

Evette is a wealth of information, and she has one more vital tip for wedding invitations. Informally Evette did a survey of what envelopes people would open. She hand wrote some envelope samples, then she printed some lovely labels. From there she surveyed several people on which they would open. The response was unanimous that the printed labels looked like marketing and would go into the trash, and the handwritten envelopes would be opened. So, Evette’s advice is to always hand write your envelopes. If you can’t afford a calligrapher, they get your family and friends to help you address envelopes to ensure they will get opened.

Calligraphy black and white

caligaphy envelope

Do you want to know more about Evette Goldstein from Pretty Writing? Learn about Calligraphy expert Evette Goldstein of Pretty Writing On Holly’s hot wedding tips blog here.

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